Cochabambinos Pettenkofer and Torrez lead the Ojo del Inca – Sports


Cochabamba won two titles on the first date of the 2021 National Karting Championship from pilots Andres Bettenkofer (F200 STD) and Danielle Torrez (F200 Super), who were both dedicated to their groups after creating Ojo del Inca Potosino, who is 1080 meters tall, he said. By the Bolivian Sports Automobile Federation (FEBAD).

Brazil’s Andre Nicastro (pro 125) and Matthew Carega (Junior 125) from the capital also took center stage, in a ceremony attended by 53 participants from all over the country. It was the first of six total dates coming this season.

Seven classes qualified and all contestants performed a total of four playoffs (two on Saturday and two on Sunday) on a 1080m track.

Pettenkofer was followed by locals Joaquín Sandoval and Josué Importe, while Torres was accompanied by Ariel Velasco and Diego Antizana of Cochabamba.

It is very difficult

Rodrigo Gutierrez Jr., son of the famous Dakar racer of the same name, appeared in the competition as one of the characters in the tournament, as he competed in Formula 4 in the United States. His long-awaited show was joined by Brazil’s Nicastro Show, a very strong standard for karting in South America.

The international arrived in the country with the intention of contributing to the formation of Santa Cruz. However, he agreed to compete and ended up winning. Bolivian Gutierrez came second.

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