Colombia made its first appearance in the World Baseball Classic

Colombia made its first appearance in the World Baseball Classic

Colombia Hits to face optimistically fifth edition of Classic World Baseball, WIt is the most important tournament for the national team in this sport, but at the same time, there is uncertainty about the response of the starting staff.

The national team opens its participation against Mexico today (2:30 pm Colombia time), In Phoenix, Arizona (USA).

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This will be the Colombian’s second incursion into this tournament, after the 2017 debut, in Miami. Players with years of experience in the major leagues are the Colombian champions in search of brilliance on the field Chase Field.

Giovanni Orchilla, Harold Ramirez and Jorge Alfaro are the three “horses” in attack.

Jose Quintana Out due to injury, so the first game against Mexico will be Nabil Krismat.


El Clasico, which started on Wednesday, features 20 countries on two continents. Group A in Taiwan with the localNetherlands, Cuba, Italy and Panama.

B, in Tokyo, and consists of Japan, South Korea, Australia, China and the Czech Republic. El C in Phoenix with the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada and Great Britain.

The letter D combines Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Israel and Nicaragua.

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