Commander Zuniga was arrested and says the president “asked him to remove the armored vehicles” – El Financiero

Commander Zuniga was arrested and says the president “asked him to remove the armored vehicles” – El Financiero

Dismissed leader Juan José Zúñiga, accused of an “attempted coup” against the government of Bolivian President Luis Arce, was arrested as he left the country. General Staff Headquarters of Bolivia At 7:00 pm (local time), after he led a group of soldiers who stormed the army headquarters with tanks Executive office in La Paz.

At 3:15 p.m., a tank smashed the doors of the executive headquarters, in an attempt by the former army commander to change the government. The commander said his intention was to “release all political prisoners,” including former interim President Jeanine Anez, Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, and imprisoned military personnel.

After these events, Commander Zuniga was dismissed. The military forces withdrew from the scene and he was arrested.

The dismissed military commander stated at the time of his arrest that Bolivian President Luis Arce had ordered him to remove the “armored armored vehicles.” To “raise” his popularity.

He commented in a message to the media, saying: “On Sunday, at La Salle School, I met with the president and the president told me: The situation is very complicated this week, it is critical, so it is necessary to prepare.” “Something that increases my popularity.” I told him: Should we take out the armored vehicles? Then, on Sunday evening, the armored vehicles begin to descend (…).”

After this statement, he left the country while members of the Bolivian media asked him if it was a self-coup. The question has not been answered.

Luis Arce appoints a new military commander in Bolivia

Bolivian President Luis Arce, Appointment of new commanders of the Bolivian Army at the Executive Headquarters In the midst of the military movement, which he described as a “coup”, carried out by Juan José Zúñiga, he was the current commander-in-chief and was dismissed.

The armed forces were assigned to the new commander, José Wilson Sanchez.

the Attorney General's Office of Bolivia It announced on Wednesday that it would open a “criminal investigation” against Zuniga and all soldiers who participated in the “irregular mobilization” of heavily armed soldiers who “forced” entered the area. Government headquarters in La Paz.

According to a document issued by the Public Prosecution, Zuniga was arrested on charges of committing crimes of terrorism and armed uprising against the security and sovereignty of the state.

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