Controversial restaurant owner poster causes outrage

José Eugenio Arias-Camisón is the owner of El asador de Guadalmina, a famous restaurant located in Marbella, Spain. However, the food establishment was not recognized for the quality of its dishes, but because of the controversial sign it placed on the doors of its restaurant which caused the outrage of many netizens. Twitter.

In the photo that went viral on social media, a giant sign was seen on the door of the restaurant saying: “We’ve been looking for waiters, kitchen assistants and grills for a year. We’re paying over the deal and no one shows up.”

But this was not the only thing, as the owner gave his opinion on the current situation in Spain: “We have more than three million unemployed people. [desempleados] – Support collection (10 thousand inches) Marbella and 5 thousand in Estepona); 203 thousand people receive a minimum vital income and an unlimited number of illegal immigrants, receive a pension and receive health care.”

“National disgrace,” is highlighted in large and uppercase letters on the sign. However, this widely circulated photo garnered responses from various users who were angered by the statement.

He was so ostracized – and denounced – on Twitter that the social network suspended his account: “The owner of Asador Guadalmina couldn’t find waiters who accepted his terms and now he won’t find his Twitter account either,” journalist Rubén Sánchez wrote with a screenshot. Violation of Twitter Rules.

One user wrote: “I wonder who would want to work with a guy who lies so often.” Another replied: “Since I’m glad this fascist has his account suspended, it’s time.”

“You definitely won’t find staff, because you don’t have to clean whips between shifts, which is very annoying. Since I pay you what you get, it will be epic.” Via another network user.

After the picture spread viral, another situation emerged in which the owner of the restaurant was involved, and it was the harsh response he received from the Andalusian Workers’ Union, which revealed the situation to which the employees are exposed. From the restaurant El Asador de Guadalmina.

They referred to an old job where the owner could not “deliver rice” because “there are no workers willing to work”.

Rice, Spain.  jpg
Photo: Faebook / Asador Guadalmina

In the post, the union mentioned the conditions presented by José Eugenio Arias-Camisón: “A 12-hour working day, 6 days a week, ie 72 hours a week, when the legal maximum is 40. The salary is 900 euros, half of which is paid in black .High Social Security by 30% of the day.”

The statement concluded, “When an employer cheats Social Security and does not contribute what they owe them, it affects all of us because pensions, maternity leave, benefits or health cannot be paid. All these rights are being invaded by the working class. . . We need labor legislation. , if there is slavery and Social Security fraud, it sends the employer to prison.”

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