Cordova identifies risks of mandate revocation after NIE cut

Principal Adviser to National Electoral Institute (else), Lorenzo Cordova, mentioned that Budget cuts Request by the Electoral College approved in Parliament jeopardizing an organization Revocation of authorizationHe accused that “it is not the National Elections Institute that obstructs the expansion and exercise of the political rights of citizens.”

In his classic Sunday video, cordova He noted that “rejection of resources to be able to carry out this exercise to a successful conclusion comes, and this should be clear, from Parliament‘, after this Sunday legislators Brown woman The Allies and the House of Representatives approved the Union spending budget for the 2022 fiscal year.

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Opinion PEF 2022 It was privately approved by 273 votes to 214. I believed it Brown womanAnd PT And PVEM With its majority and rejection by PAN, PRI, PRD and MC. In this, the Reducing spending on the National Institute of Statisticswhich had requested a budget of 24,649 million pesos, but 19,736 million pesos had been allocated for 2022.

“Budget cuts have had the unfortunate consequence of the impossibility of continuing to expand the political rights of citizens,” Cordova said in a video posted on his social networks today.

“This cut jeopardizes the regulation of the de-authorization process which, paradoxically, is being promoted by the same legislative majority that approved the 2022 spending budget,” he warned.

“It should be clear that else Not meant to stop participatory democracy exercises stipulated in the Constitution, as there are those who maintain,” he pointed out, and emphasized: “The refusal of resources to be able to carry out this practice to a successful conclusion comes, and this must be clear, from the House of Representatives.”

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Cordova announced that the General Council of else “It will make the institutional decisions it deems appropriate, and will promote the legal actions it is entitled to under our Constitution and our laws,” in order to demand the allocation of the resources it has requested for 2022.

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