Cronenberg’s new movie hit Cannes

Last movie premiere Canadian director David Cronenberg It impressed critics at the Cannes Film Festival. His new job earned him a 7 minutes standing ovation by those who attended the premiere when the movie ended. That is, Cronenberg did not disappoint his fans.

future crimes It tells the story of Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen), a man with a recently discovered medical condition known as “Accelerated Progress Syndrome”; His body is constantly producing new, inexplicable internal organs that must be removed in order to continue living.

However, Saul took advantage of the situation, selling tickets to the operations that he and his partner Caprice (Lea Seydoux) present as elaborate pieces of performance art. But they’re not the only ones in town who do. Live surgeries are popping up everywhere, as a mixture of hair salons and Victorian anatomy lectures. In this context, Saul’s new body parts give the couple a creative edge, and the two become celebrities in their fields.

In order not to give more details of the plot, it is enough to know that Cronenberg’s warning about it How disturbing your movie might be to some viewers It was immediately at the beginning of the show, some of those present left a cruel and bloody scene. This is the defining cinematic feature of the Cronenberg tapes.

But an advantage future crimes Not only in frank and difficult scenes. One of Cronenberg’s achievements is that Confronts the viewer through subtle metaphors. This is a physical horror film that can lend itself to many interpretations and not only shake the stomach of the most sensitive, but also upset the sanity of the audience.

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Cover Photo: future crimes (David Krumenberg, 2022)

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