Culture in Panama: What are the post office and telegraph offices in Panama doing in technological times? – Exclusive content

Panama City, Panama /State postal and telegraph services refuse to die, over the years and the development of technology, over time has been adapting to changes.

Considering that e-business today plays a relevant role, those people who reside in the interior of the country or regions and do not have purchasing power, can access a locker at an affordable cost and receive online purchases or ship your packages.

Panama has a total of 112 agencies nationwide, including the comarcas. The service is provided both nationally and internationally, explaining Julio Ramirez, General Manager, Panama Post Office (Cotel)Who indicated that he is working on an update program today.

We are part of a global network of 192 countries and we communicate with each other. If we can’t get a plane from here to Uganda, we call a country in Africa that gives us the Uganda calling service, and thus we provide the service to any part of the world.Ramirez explained.

The countries where more shipments are made are: Colombia, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Spain, Great Britain, and Cuba.

Ramirez, who aspires to increase the number of active lockers to 160,000, said there are currently about 51,000 active lockers in the country.

Our service EMS It is a faster and more efficient courier service than sending a parcel in a normal way. The cost of this service ranges from $12 to $200, depending on the size of the package.

About 600,000 people used the postal service across the country. The Post and Telegraph Office has parcel and parcel services and financial services (postal transfers).

“We provide money transfer service in those communities in the country where there is no bank”
– Julio Ramirez – Director of Post and Telegraph

new service

Three months ago, Panama had a new service to implement. These are international transfers (sending money) and at the moment they are sent to Cuba, but the goal is to integrate the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

The postal service has been in operation in Panama since 1904. It has a mailbox service, which is provided to approximately 2,000 local users, and another mail service for online purchases that is provided via the entity’s website.

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