David Onama is proud to be the first fighter from Uganda to win the Ultimate Fighting Championship title

David Onama is proud to be the first fighter from Uganda to win the Ultimate Fighting Championship title

David Onama made history Saturday night when he became the first fighter from Uganda to win the UFC.

Onama became the first Ugandan fighter to reach the UFC last October, but at UFC Vegas 48, he claimed a first-round KO win over Gabriel Benitez. It was a great performance from Onama, but early on Benitez punched him in the eye which Onama admitted spoiled his vision a bit.

“In the first round I wanted to see what he was going to do, just study him and read his speed and movement and all that. Then he hit me in the eye and blew everything up, I’ve never been so hit before. I lost my sight. It was crazy, once I got hit I thought I should I have to pick it up with this kid. I knew I had to be the abuser and get him out of there the first time.”

With Onama winning, he said it was a dream come true as he had been working towards that goal for years. In addition to winning, he received a $50,000 bounty, but as for Onama, he still wants to be as active as possible and hopefully be back in May.

“It’s a dream come true for me to get my first UFC win and get the reward with it. Life looks good. I’m also very happy with my performance, getting back to my normal weight and showing everyone how good I can be. I’ve done what I was supposed to I do. Now, the plan is to come back in April or May, probably in May. As of now, he’s only giving me the UFC, this is my first UFC win, so I don’t think I should call anyone yet.”

David Onama is not only proud of himself for winning, but says it is surreal to become the first fighter from Uganda to win promotion. He knows that he has the support of the whole country, and that means a lot to him.

“Man, it means a lot to me to be the first fighter from Uganda to come to the UFC and the first to win. Just showing up for my people and being able to represent my country and coming out with the flag. I have the whole country supporting me, you don’t know how much that means to me.”

Onama is not only happy to represent his country on a huge stage, but he says he hopes to inspire others to follow in his footsteps. He says he has received countless messages from people in Uganda saying they admire him, which was surreal to him.

“I hope a lot of people at home will see that they can also get into the UFC. I want to show them the way and the love I have received from the people of Uganda is surreal. They have been texting me like crazy since the win, showing me love and telling me that I am a role model for them and that I am what I still do what I do and represent my country and my people.”

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