Decreased academic performance of schoolchildren in the United States

Decreased academic performance of schoolchildren in the United States

Title: Decreased academic performance of school children in the United States

Alloy: The United States of America has low educational levels

Date: September 1, 2022

Author: Jose Bernalte

Publisher: Luis Alonso

Location: Miami

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Duration: 01:30


A recent study shows that the academic performance of American schoolchildren is collapsing due to the confinement of COVID19. At the same time, there is concern about teacher shortages, such as in Florida.


Nine-year-olds’ math and reading skills show alarming decline in the US…The National Assessment of Educational Progress, the official report on schoolchildren’s performance, indicates that performance in these subjects is similar to what it was two decades ago…Teaching experts assert that Two years of the pandemic ended 20 years of progress…Teachers warn, after returning to classes in 2022…

((Sarah Summerlin / Elementary Education Teacher))

“As a result of the pandemic, the things we see in the classroom are behavioral changes that we didn’t see five or 10 years ago.”

This return to the classroom requires teachers to be in the classroom… Another variable affecting education… For example, in South Florida, the teacher deficit exceeds 400… Miami-Dade County Education Authorities are seeking to increase recruitment to attend this emergency. ..

((José L. Dotres/Director of Miami-Dade School District))

“So in the fields that we have always needed, the field of mathematics, the field of science, especially the higher levels of science… and also the field that has always been there to be able to hire teachers is the field of special education”

Dotres calculates that the academic recovery of students affected by the prolonged school closure measures could extend to three years…

In Florida, the government announced that it will hire retired military to teach classes…after certification…

(Ron DeSantis / Governor of Florida)

“If you served in the military for at least four years, or received an honorable discharge, earned 60 college credits and passed an objective test. We want you to be able to teach Florida students, our veterans have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they can bring to the classroom.” .

Official estimates calculate a seven- and five-point decrease in average math and reading scores, respectively, between 2020 and 2022. Hispanic and African American students were hardest hit.

((Jose Bernalet, Voice of America, Miami))

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