Delete Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers & New Updates


As you sink into your favorite chair, the buzz of everyday life gradually fades away. You click the remote and step into the world of thrill, suspense, and mystery, the world of Delete.

The enthralling twists and turns, revelations that send shivers down your spine, and the tantalizing suspense that strings you along every episode of Delete make this Thai series an absolute must-watch for all television enthusiasts. So grab your popcorn and brace yourself for an exhilarating rollercoaster ride into the intricate world of Delete.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Season : 1
  • Release Date: To be released soon
  • Language: Thai
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Romance, & Thriller
  • Where to watch: Netflix
  • Rating: 6.2/10 (IMDb)

Popularity of the Show

Since its inception, Delete has steadily carved a place for itself among a vast audience base. The gripping storyline, coupled with its unique concept of a mysterious phone camera that could erase people from existence, has proven to be a success formula.

The narrative, which weaves a complex web around the lead characters, each harbouring their secrets and ulterior motives, has struck a chord with viewers worldwide. The popularity of Delete transcends boundaries, making it a sensation in not just its home country of Thailand, but globally as well.

Delete Season 2 Cancelled Or Renewed?

The question that’s been on everyone’s lips since the conclusion of the nail-biting finale of Delete Season 1 is whether there will be a Season 2. Still, no official announcements have been made regarding the renewal or cancellation of the show. Fans worldwide are holding their breath, hoping for the show’s renewal to delve deeper into the thrilling narrative.

Release Date of Delete Season 2

Although the official announcement regarding Delete Season 2’s release date is yet to be made, the rampant speculation suggests it could possibly be in mid or late 2024.

Cast of  Delete Season 2

The compelling performance by the talented cast, which includes popular Thai actors, contributes significantly to the show’s success. The cast details are as follows:

  • Nat Kitcharit as Aim
  • Sarika Sartsilpsupa as Lilly
  • Natara Nopparatayapon as Too
  • Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying as Orn
  • Jaonaay Jinjett Wattanasin as Tong
  • Sompob Benjathikul as Too’s Father
  • Chertsak Pratumsrisakhon as Chart
  • Pattarasuda Anumanrajadhon as Nicha
  • Duangjai Hiransri as Yutthachai’s Wife
  • Chindarat Kasuya as Orn’s Mother
  • Dujdao Vadhanapakorn as Ms. Dollapha
  • Porntip Kitdamrongchai as Ploysai

Delete Season 2 Spoiler

While no official details are available about Season 2, based on the unfolding of events in Season 1, we can speculate what the next season might hold. In the possible Season 2, the narrative might explore the aftermath of the dramatic revelations of the first season.

Lilly and June, having learnt about the sinister secrets and the basement room filled with dead bodies, find themselves in grave danger. The daunting task of escaping Too and his family’s clutches who are known to resort to brutal means to keep their secrets safe, lies ahead of them.

Lilly and June might seek allies and support from unexpected quarters as they strive to expose the truth and deliver justice for the victims, thereby setting up tense and suspenseful showdowns.

Moreover, Season 2 could delve deeper into the motivations and history of Too’s family, exploring their pattern of exploiting and disposing off young women. This would add layers to the narrative and offer a more in-depth understanding of the twisted family dynamics.

Delete Season 1 Recap

In the thrilling debut season, the narrative unfolds around a mysterious phone camera that has the peculiar ability to erase people from existence. The plotline centers on the lead characters – June, Lilly, Too, and Aim – each entwined in a complex web of secrets and ulterior motives.

The story ignites with June accidentally erasing his wife, Lilly, from existence upon discovering the peculiar phone camera. As June frantically struggles to understand and reverse this bizarre phenomenon, viewers are pulled into a vortex of mystery and suspense. Enroute, June encounters enemies and allies who are unwittingly drawn into the camera’s bizarre powers.

However, as the plot thickens, it is revealed that Lilly’s disappearance was not a result of June’s actions but was a kidnapping orchestrated by an unknown antagonist. Lilly’s abduction unfolds a string of shocking revelations, including the identity of Lilly’s kidnapper – the police inspector Yatthachai, who is bent on acquiring the phone camera for his personal motives.

“Delete” on Netflix
by u/giventofly2 in television

Meanwhile, Aim, Lilly’s secret lover, is entrapped in a deceptive game. Out of fear of the consequences, Lilly lies to Aim about the father of her unborn child, causing their relationship to end heartbreakingly. Aim’s eventual downfall and admission of his deceitful past further complicate the plotline.

Amidst the confusion, Lilly stumbles upon a terrifying secret about her own family. She discovers a secret underground room filled with weapons and decomposing bodies, shedding light on her husband Too’s family’s dark past. As Lilly and June navigate through the dangerous revelations, they realize their lives are in imminent danger.

The shocking truth about Too’s involvement in disposing of bodies is revealed in the series climax, leaving the fate of June, Lilly, and their loved ones hanging in balance.

Ratings of the Show

Despite its intriguing plot and thrilling storyline, Delete has managed to garner a respectable IMDb rating of 6.2/10. Its average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes stands at 50%. These ratings, while indicative of the audience’s general liking towards the show, do not truly capture the nail-biting suspense and emotional rollercoaster that Delete offers.

Interesting thing about Delete Season 2

One of the most interesting aspects of the prospective Delete Season 2 is the evolution of the characters in the face of the alarmingrevelations of Season 1. How will Lilly and June navigate through the perilous path ahead? How will Aim’s life change after the downfall?

Will the mysterious phone camera continue to play a pivotal role in the storyline? The anticipation surrounding these elements keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting for the next season.

Review of the Show

The critical acclaim for Delete underscores the show’s uniqueness and its ability to keep audiences captivated. The strong storyline, coupled with excellent performances, makes it a thrilling watch.

While some have criticized the show for its pacing and overly complex plot, many appreciate it for the same reasons, stating that these elements only add to the suspense and excitement of the show. Despite mixed reviews, Delete has managed to carve out a dedicated fanbase, keeping viewers guessing with its unpredictable narrative and complex character arcs.

Where to Watch

Delete can be streamed on a popular Thai OTT platform, and is also available for international audiences on Netflix.


As we wait with bated breath for an announcement regarding Delete Season 2, the cliffhanger ending of the first season continues to fuel our imaginations and speculations.

The intricate plot, compelling characters, and the mystery surrounding the peculiar phone camera make Delete a thrilling watch for television enthusiasts worldwide.

As the potential for Delete Season 2 grows, so does the anticipation and excitement of its fanbase. Stay tuned for all official updates and keep the popcorn ready!

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