Democracy in the region, the economy and climate change, the topics of the summit between Alberto Fernandez and Sullivan


During his conversation with Sullivan – who is the principal adviser on international policy and responsible for coordinating US foreign policy – various issues of bilateral interest were addressed, such as Paying attention to the environment and climate change, reviewing financial institutions, and combating the epidemic.

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US Embassy in Argentina

The meeting also discussed the importance of strengthening response capabilities in the fight against Covid-19, as well as Argentina’s potential to produce and distribute vaccines.

And the president gave the American official a letter to President Biden in which he thanked him for the donation he received from the United States of 3.5 million doses of the Moderna vaccine, and conveyed the impact of this on the vaccination campaign, and Argentina is in progress.

Another topic discussed was the need to promote A new global tax and financial architecture According to the challenges and requirements of sustainable, comprehensive and supportive human development.

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US Embassy in Argentina

Sullivan arrived with Olivos Juan Gonzalez, Western Hemisphere Director of the White House. Ricardo ZunigaSpecial Envoy for the Northern Triangle (Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) and Mary Kay Carlson, doing business at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires.

During the morning, Sullivan held a meeting at Government House with several national ministers, including the Minister of Strategic Affairs Gustavo Belize. In this meeting, topics such as the productive, technological and commercial agenda, electric mobility, defense cooperation agreements, the financing agenda in environmental issues and the knowledge economy agenda to be developed between the two countries were addressed.

Jake Sullivan He arrived in Buenos Aires last night on a tour that she had previously made in Brazil yesterday. There he held meetings with the rulers of the Amazon and with Jair Bolsonaro.

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