Denis Dresser responded to the president’s accusations: “Lopez Obrador revealed plans for the ambassador”

Dennis Dresser mentioned that other members of 4T, in addition to AMLO, have also appeared in WikiLeaks leaks (Images: Cuartoscuro)

Denis Dresser has responded to the accusations against President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) carried out against it, asserting that the academic was an “informant” for the US government.

It was during the morning press conference on February 22 when the president recalled his leaks Wilkes what or what They cited Dresser’s visits to the US Embassy to provide possibly inside information on the country.

“It’s confidential information telegrams and There appears in those telegrams relating to Mexico that Mrs. Dennis Dresser “I went to the US embassy to report,” Lopez Obrador said.

As commented on it You wouldn’t be surprised if the writer and columnist continued her stance against the fourth shift (4T), not to mention announcing his membership in the opposition group led by Claudio X. Gonzalez and Maria Amparo Cassar.

finally, It regrets that the United States government continues to engage in these practices. He also expressed his annoyance with some journalists who did not express their support for this media organization “because, strictly speaking, they are not journalists and do not face repressive force.”

The political analyst responded with a public speech (Image: Twitter).
The political analyst responded with a public speech (Image: Twitter).

Because of these notes, Dennis Dresser He stressed that the statements were “slanderous”, and that he would publish a public message about them to refute assertions. The document was shared about 12 hours later from their social networks.

In this two-page letter, the ITAM professor states that it’s not the first time that Lopez Obrador has claimed to be an informant for the US government, so He decided to explain the visit made to the embassy that was published in WikiLeaks On June 16, 2006.

According to Dresser, who explained that many 4T members also appear in this type of cable, he mentioned that during his visit to these facilities, He was invited to speak about the federal election that yearonly provided “known, published and public” information as it did at other embassies.

It is part of diplomatic missions to convey information about events in which topics of interest are analyzedMexico’s embassies abroad do the same.”

AMLO would have revealed to the US government in 2006 that it would seek to militarize the country (Image: Twitter @Andrés Manuel López Obrador)
AMLO would have revealed to the US government in 2006 that it would seek to militarize the country (Image: Twitter @Andrés Manuel López Obrador)

He added that under presidential logic, Tabasco should also be considered an informant, since January 31, 2006 He also visited the US Embassy, ​​according to another telegram published WikiLeaks sent by Ambassador Antonio Garza.

This document states that The then-presidential candidate “sought to focus the preparatory work for asking for help in the event of his victory.”. He also revealed that he showed interest in relying on the army, which contradicts his current statements against the militarization of the country.

“He told the ambassador that he wanted to continue meeting with US officials to discuss areas of cooperation and support necessary to achieve his goals,” he said, referring to Lopez Obrador’s supposed mistake: Revealing his plans that he hasn’t shared publicly until then.

He said that what he said to the US ambassador is completely different from what he said to the votersbut he accomplished it 12 years later, when he arrived at the National Palace as President of the Republic.

Finally, the political expert reiterated that if the mere fact of going to the embassy was sufficient reason to consider her a “spy,” then Andres Manuel should also be considered an informant. In my case it does not apply. Perhaps he wants in his book to explain why he said what he said and to whom he said it..

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