Depths of Malice Chapter 89: Release Date, Raw Scan & Spoiler Updates

depths of malice chapter 89

depths of malice chapter 89

The enthralling world of webtoons has left manga enthusiasts in a perpetual state of delight with its extensive array of addictive stories. Among the most popular webtoon series that has gripped audiences worldwide, Depths of Malice stands tall, enthralling readers with its intricately woven plot and dynamic characters. As the release of the much-anticipated Chapter 89 looms closer, let’s immerse ourselves into the heart of its riveting narrative.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter: 88
  • Release Date: June 29, 2023
  • Language: Korean
  • Genre: Romance, Mystery & Fantasy
  • Where to Read: Lezhin Comics

Popularity of the Show

Depths of Malice is an acclaimed webtoon series that has captured the hearts of readers globally. Its unique blend of suspense, fantasy, and action creates an engaging narrative that keeps fans coming back for more. The series has cultivated a substantial fanbase, with countless fan theories and discussions populating social media platforms. The anticipation surrounding the release of each new chapter is a testament to the series’ massive popularity.

Release Date of Depths of Malice Chapter 89

Set your timers and mark your calendars as Depths of Malice Chapter 89 is all set to grace our screens on 29th June 2023. The exhilaration is palpable as readers eagerly await the twists and turns the forthcoming chapter has in store.

Cast of Depths of Malice Chapter 89

The phenomenal success of Depths of Malice owes much to its vibrant cast. The protagonist, Rita, is a character of immense depth. Her transformation from a noblewoman to a fierce warrior named Bertha Alberthart has been a captivating journey.

The mysterious Li, a titan, whose life is entangled with Rita’s, adds a layer of intrigue to the plot. In Chapter 89, we are introduced to a new character, Verta, the wealthy daughter of Count Alberhart. Verta’s introduction is set to add a new dimension to the story.

Raw Scan Release for Depths of Malice Chapter 89

The raw scans for Depths of Malice Chapter 89 are set to be released on 26th June 2023. These raw scans give fans a sneak peek into the upcoming chapter and are typically available in the original Korean version before being translated into other languages.

 Depths of Malice Chapter 88 Recap 

The beauty of Depths of Malice lies in its multi-layered narrative, with each chapter revealing a fragment of the story that keeps readers on edge. Chapter 88 was no different. This chapter unfolded the tale of Rita, a noblewoman seeking revenge. However, she finds herself restrained by her limited resources. Just as her desire for revenge seems out of reach, fate intervenes.

A chance encounter with a shaman from another realm presents Rita with an enticing offer. Rita is given the chance to gain immeasurable power if she abandons her old life. With this promise of power, Rita sheds her identity to become Bertha Alberthart, embarking on a thrilling new chapter in her life.

Their fates are intertwined, and every breath they take imbues the narrative with grandeur and teases of future revelations. Bertha, with her new identity, brings an unprecedented wave of prosperity, painting the saga with vibrant hues of intrigue and determination.

The anticipation of the fans is mounting as they speculate about the possible revelations of the new identity and the turn it will bring in the ongoing revenge saga. With the power now at her fingertips, can Bertha change her fate?

 Depths of Malice Chapter 89 Spoiler 

With a new character introduced and Rita’s transformation into Bertha Alberthart, Chapter 89 is set to be an epic continuation of the saga. The much-awaited chapter is expected to delve deeper into the life of Verta and the challenges she faces.

Verta, with her resolve to take revenge on those who wrong her, is a character to watch. How will she fare against her enemies? What part will she play in Bertha’s story? All this and more are expected to unravel in the forthcoming chapter.

Ratings of the Show

Depths of Malice enjoys a high rating among fans and critics alike. It scores high on various manga rating sites due to its gripping narrative, intricate character development, and exceptional artwork.

Review of the Show

The depth and complexity of Depths of Malice make it a series worth investing time in. Its well-rounded characters, riveting plot twists, and stunning artwork have won the hearts of millions of readers. It takes readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, keeping them engrossed from the first panel to the last.

Where to Read Depths of Malice Chapter 89

Depths of Malice Chapter 89 will be available on Lezhin Comics, a popular platform known for its vast array of webtoons. Enjoy the latest chapter of this captivating series in English on the day of its release.


Depths of Malice is more than just a webtoon series. It is a captivating narrative that pulls the readers into a world of intrigue, suspense, and fantasy. With the release of Chapter 89 just around the corner, the excitement among fans is at an all-time high. As we look forward to the latest chapter, it’s worth revisiting the journey so far, reflecting on the nuances of the story, and immersing ourselves in the mesmerizing world of Depths of Malice.

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