Diego Bonita and how he thinks about the future of work after the success of “Luis Miguel: Serie A” – Tvshow – 10/04/2021

Diego Bonita and how he thinks about the future of work after the success of “Luis Miguel: Serie A” – Tvshow – 10/04/2021

a Diego BonitaAnd Louis Miguel. league changed his life. It was the international success of the Mexican singer’s biography before and after in his career, but he also awakens a challenge, which is to separate himself from the character who has completely absorbed him.

In an interview with Efe in Madrid, where he attended the Platino Ibero-American Film Awards on Sunday, the Mexican spoke about the future after the Netflix tape, which will premiere its final season on October 28.

Diego Bonita in season 3 of
Diego Bonita in the third season of “Luis Miguel. Serial”. Photo: Netflix

On New orderMovie Michel Franco Which took it to this platinum category, which will be seen on Amazon Prime Video, the Mexican declared: “It has nothing to do with the former which made it so special and after it won the jury prize at the Venice Film Festival it was crazy (…) happening in the world.”

Diego Bonita and Dario Yazbek Bernal, heroes
Diego Bonita and Dario Yazbek Bernal, the heroes of “Nuevo Orden”. Image: spread

– Before the new regime, they did not present him with papers in Mexico because, in his words, they did not see him as “Mexican enough”. Does this change?

– I went to the United States because when I wanted to do shows for Mexican films, they didn’t see me as a Mexican actor. I think being Mexican has a lot to do with it. I was born in Mexico, I have a mixture, I have a Spanish passport, my grandmother is from Murcia, my great-grandfather is from the Basque Country, and my mother was born in the United States. This is why I communicate with Michel (Franco) a lot, and he is seen as an outcast, in some matters. I hope that after this movie Luis Miguel actually sees me as a Mexican.

– How do you see life without the Luis Miguel series?

-changed my life. It was a project that left me so much, so demanding, and it was an amazing education. There are a few shows that require this level of transformation and this was the first time I had to do something like this (…). Another challenge will come, and it’s important to me to take steps forward at work, and not always feel comfortable and pushed. This is why New Order has nothing to do with Luis Miguel and the next project will be the same: I want it to have absolutely nothing to do with what I did before. The most important thing that Luis Miguel left behind was to start my career as a producer and thanks to the success of the series that no one expected, many platforms suddenly approached us asking “what are they going to do next?” We realized that previously there were no projects that went against the stereotype of Latinos. It wasn’t the projects that got me excited, something that could transcend, beyond other Latin projects. And I realized that if they didn’t exist, they had to be created.

Do you feel that Mexico and Latin America are not counted well because of stereotypes?

Yes, I think it’s going a lot better, I noticed a huge difference today in the projects that were shown to Latinos when I moved to Los Angeles 14 years ago. What series have you watched in the US in Spanish? It wasn’t until Narcos came out with a change of scheme, then La casa de papel. Everything is up to date (…) I see and notice the change and it is up to us to keep pushing and to be a part of the change rather than complaining. And in joining forces: what the Latin film and television community lacks is unity.

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