Don’t know English and want to learn from scratch? Google Recommends These Online Courses – Tell Me About Science

Don’t know English and want to learn from scratch?  Google Recommends These Online Courses – Tell Me About Science

We all know that English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, because it is very essential for your educational life (in terms of exchanges at your school) and in your working life, the latter of which will easily open doors for you if you have a second language, namely English.

And although it seems difficult, it is not that difficult, you can learn it at the age you want, as long as you are willing to learn. It doesn’t matter if you have the money or not, because there are free courses that are very effective in teaching, and that can really help you a lot.

To give you an idea that it will not be as difficult as you think, we tell you that the most difficult language to learn is Japanese due to the thousands of characters with different pronunciations, as well as the structures that must be applied to each context. And above all, the language we use (Spanish) is much more complicated than English, so there is nothing you can’t achieve, dare to study English.

Google offers you the following courses to learn English and best of all, some of them are completely free:

1. Online English Course – Gymglish

You will start from zero knowledge, so don’t worry about thinking that they will ask you for something, here you will receive the necessary learning, it will be just a test to see what level you are at. It adapts to your schedule availability.

2. Basic English: All the basics for Spanish speakers

Basically, this is not one of the free courses, but you will be investing money that will be very useful to you, to know and possibly your future business. You will learn to speak more fluently and have good writing.

3. Basic English for Beginners: A Solid Speaking Foundation.

You will also have to pay to take this valuable course. Peter Hanley is the tutor who will help you with the grammatical structures and accent of the language.

4.Learn English with real conversations!

As its name indicates, that will be the aim of this course, so that you can have or participate in conversations with those who speak the language. But since your learning will be through conversations, you won’t have a teacher to ask you questions, this can be a bit confusing, but also very interesting.

5. 5 minutes a day to improve your English: for busy people

The daily work you do on a daily basis should not be a barrier to learning a language, if you wish, so this course is perfect for you. To be a long term course because of its shorter time per day, but it is much better, because what you will learn per day will be very detailed. Nathan Conkey, will be the one to teach you about tenses and grammatical structure.

6. Total English – Beginner to Advanced / + from 115 hours

This is obviously a paid course, and will be taught by Ivan Ceralda and Fabian Spina. They have vast experience in this matter and they will help you with grammar, vocabulary and many more interesting topics to make 100% use of your English. It is one of the most recommended.

7. Learn to speak and write English like a native

Classes given by Carlos Apolaya Sánchez, in the same way it is one of the most recommended and best lessons for learning this much needed language. And as the title says, you will end up speaking and writing like an exemplary citizen.

Learning English is one of the most important things in life, and if you make an effort, it will be very easy to learn it, without stress. Don’t be afraid to start something new, something that can improve your future.

Here you can find a Google page where you can register and take the course that you think is most suitable for you: Google activation

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