Who is Dustin on ‘A Million Little Things’? Every Thing You Need To Know


Television dramas have a unique way of drawing us into the lives and stories of their characters. One show that has masterfully achieved this feat is the ABC production, A Million Little Things.

Now in its fifth season, the drama series has expertly woven the tales of its characters, bringing to life their highs and lows, and captivating viewers worldwide. In the heart of the show’s dynamic cast is a character who has piqued viewers’ interest recently — Dustin.

Popularity of the Show

A Million Little Things, since its debut in 2018, has been lauded for its sensitive portrayal of complex human emotions and the intricate dynamics of friendships. The show’s impressive narrative and relatable characters have allowed it to connect with its audience deeply, propelling it to immense popularity.

As the series delves into its final season, viewers find themselves more invested than ever in the characters, including the enigmatic Dustin, who has reemerged after a hiatus.

Who is Dustin on ‘A Million Little Things’?

Dustin, portrayed by actor Donald Sales, was introduced as a fleeting yet impactful character in the series. We first met Dustin in 2019 during the episode titled The Perfect Storm in Season 2, where he stumbles into Regina’s restaurant Someday to dry off amid a storm.

Treated with warmth by Regina, Dustin returned for a brief stint in 2021 in the two-part “Justice” episodes, bearing the tragic news of his wife’s death from COVID-19.

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In the show’s ongoing fifth season, Dustin makes a surprising comeback. In the episode A Bird In The Hand, Regina, on a quest with Sophie, stumbles upon Dustin once again, this time while distributing sandwiches to a group of homeless individuals. The episode concludes with an intriguing hint of his return in the subsequent episodes.

Who Plays the Role of Dustin on ‘A Million Little Things’?

Donald Sales plays the character of Dustin on A Million Little Things. Sales began his acting journey in 2009 and has since featured in various notable television series and films.

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His repertoire includes shows like The Good Doctor, The Man in the High Castle, Big Sky, Maid, and Turner & Hooch. He has also made appearances in The Adam Project, Arrow, Coffee & Kareem, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, solidifying his place in the acting sphere.

Where Can We Watch Dustin on A Million Little Things’?

A Million Little Things is available for streaming on several platforms. For fans in the U.S., the show can be streamed on Hulu. International viewers have access to the show on Voot. For those preferring to watch without a subscription, A Million Little Things can be streamed for free without ads on Voot.

Review of Dustin on A Million Little Things

Dustin’s character on A Million Little Things may not have had the most screen time, but his impact on the narrative has been palpable. He represents the unpredictability of life – appearing during a storm, reappearing with the tragedy of his wife’s death, and then unexpectedly returning once more when Regina was handing out food to the homeless.

Actor Donald Sales has done an exceptional job, injecting depth and authenticity into Dustin’s character, making viewers eager to see what his character will bring to the show’s final season.


The resurgence of Dustin in A Million Little Things serves as a testament to the show’s ability to weave complex narratives and maintain continuity, even with brief characters. As viewers, we find ourselves excited and curious to see Dustin’s arc unfold.

His character’s return is sure to add an extra layer to the already riveting storyline of A Million Little Things. As we continue to delve into the intricate tapestry of the characters’ lives, we can only anticipate the roller coaster of emotions that the final season of A Million Little Things promises to deliver.

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