Ebola strikes the Ugandan capital

The outbreak From Ebola which affects Uganda You already reach the metropolitan area KampalaThe capitalWhere at least nine cases Over the weekend, seven of them were members of the same family, according to the African country’s health ministry. Since the first case was confirmed in UgandaOn September 20, the government recorded A total of 75. at least 28 patients diedWhile the authorities monitor more than 1,700 contacts to try to do so Cut the chain of infection from a life-threatening disease.

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Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aseng OseroOn Monday, he confirmed that nine cases have already been confirmed in the Kampala metropolitan area, who are considered to have been in contact with someone who arrived in the capital from the Kampala district. Casanda He died in the main hospital. The minister urged residents to stay.vigilanceAnd alert the authorities in case of contact with a sick person. Only in the capital they live around 1.5 million peoplemaking containment even more important to avoid exponential growth in cases.

The Government Also offered, in collaboration with United nationsTraining courses for journalists to contribute to increasing this consciousness, key to containing the outbreak. Unlike previous emergencies in African countries, the strain detected in Uganda is Sudanfor which no vaccines have been developed.

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