Mexico City. – We share highlights about the economy and business to begin on Friday, June 11th.

1. Under Secretary of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), Gabriel Yorio, announced that tax reform will be introduced very soon without raising tax rates, because the goal is to improve and broaden the taxpayer base.

2. The authorities of the Department of Public Education (SEP) have confirmed the first positive case of covid-19 in a Mexico City school, less than a week after returning to the classroom face to face.

3. The German government will provide economic support to workers and companies affected by the COVID-19 emergency, the aim of which is to support them on the path of recovery until the crisis is resolved.

4. The United States Government has asked Mexico to investigate a possible violation of union rights of workers at the Tridonex auto parts plant in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, which, if true, would conflict with the provisions of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States, and Canada (T-MEC).

5. The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, offered a sincere apology, after he said during a meeting that “the Mexicans came from the Indians and the Brazilians from the bush.”

6. Social media users have launched themselves against Pujol’s luxury restaurant, because it sells dozens of tortillas for $45.

7. Tobacco companies in the country are also facing the economic crisis. At the end of April 2021, cigar sales fell by as much as 424.4 million packages across the country.

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