Eda: This is the name of the first Kimera EVO37 to set foot in the United States

It was May last year when we first talked about Kimera Automobili, then a little-known manufacturer of handcrafted cars polished them in Italy. Their first and ambitious innovation was none other than the re-edition of the legendary Lancia 037, which they achieved with this marvel that you now have before your eyes. in honor of her name, Kimera will manufacture only 37 units of the EVO37. This is the first to come to the United States.

specially The first Kimera EVO37 to travel across the ocean bears the name Edda. It will also be shown to the world at Monterey Car Week. Later she will travel to California, where her lucky owner … whose name is still unknown. However The Italian house says it’s a famous car collector “who works as an entrepreneur in the automotive sector”. In addition, the client chose the name Edda in honor of the soprano Edda Dell’Orso, who gave voice to the compositions of Ennio Morricone.

Its owner chose the exclusive blue color for this Kimera EVO37

Without a doubt, the most noticeable thing about the very distinctive Kimera 037 is the blue color chosen to match its bodywork. It is made entirely of lightweight carbon fiber and They say it was chosen as a tribute to American racing cars and also because of the color of the ocean. This color matches perfectly with its airy wheels which have gold accents. They also contrast with the yellow headlights or the matte black inserts. from your side Inside wears blue suedeDecorated with white stitching. There’s also loads of carbon fiber and the occasional gold detailing here.

As mentioned earlier, the Kimera EVO37 pays homage to the legendary Lancia 037. In the central position hides a 2.1 four-cylinder engine equipped with a turbocharger and a compressor.. The result is its ability to deliver more than 500 hp of power and 550 Nm of torque. As in its predecessors, all this is sent to its rear wheels through a manual transmission. To keep everything under control, as it weighs just over 1,000 kilograms, Kimera has obtained the services of specialists such as Öhlins or Brembo.

30 of 37 units already have an owner

Chimera EVO37.  Picture details.

Edda is the first of a good line of Kimera EVO37 units to arrive in the United States. The Italian company confirms that it has already sold 30 of the 37 units that will be handcrafted. And as you have seen, Edda is number 8.

The Handmade Italian paneer He says the remaining units to give her could find a lucky owner in a few days. He has also said that after introducing Edda, Kimera guys have confirmed that the next EVO37 will be named after Victoria. This will be presented in St. Moritz at the end of August commissioned by a Swiss collector. Victoria says she will be wearing a red satin body. We are already looking forward to seeing it.

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