Edgar Vivar is upset by the strong earthquake that hit Arequipa and users respond: “Thank you for your belly, Mr. Anxiety”

Edgar Vivar is upset by the strong earthquake that hit Arequipa and users respond: “Thank you for your belly, Mr. Anxiety”
Edgar Vivar was concerned about the people of Arequipa.

Beloved actor edgar Vivar, I remembered to play Mr. Belly in Shavo neighborhoodHe used his social networks to express his concern about the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that was recorded in Arequipawhich occurred on Friday, June 28 at 8:26 a.m., as reported by the newspaper. Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP).

The epicenter of the earthquake was 47 kilometers southwest of the country Yukain the province of CaravelliAccording to information received from the institution, the initial earthquake had a magnitude of Depth 42 kmwith coordinates latitude -16.11 and longitude -74.72.

Arequipa was hit by a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Configure Infobae Peru

He wrote: “Good morning friends from Arequipa, is everything okay?” Edgar Vivar Through your account TwitterWhich shows his concern for the people of Arequipa.

Edgar Vivar On more than one occasion, she expressed her interest in the events that took place in Peru. In April 2024, the same question was posed to Peruvians in the face of the political and social crisis they were experiencing at the time.

This time he did the same thing and received a response from thousands of his fans who did not hesitate to thank him for monitoring the country. In addition to telling him the details of what happened in it. ArequipaSome dared to joke with his character: one wrote: “Thank you for your belly, Mr. Anxiety.” Social media users did not fail to highlight the Mexican artist's goodwill.

Edgar Vivar's fans react to the Mexican actor's question. Twitter

“Yes, my dear and very respected Mr. Barriga. It is incredible that a question from a TV personality brings more peace than a question from the current president, who says we are a family in Peru,” said one user.

Another said: “Even Don Barriga is more attentive to what is happening in Peru than Dina Boluarte.” “Hello Edgar. Here in Arequipa things have been very strong. Everything is good, the ugly is in the north, in Yucca and Caravelle. There is damage there. Hugs, take care. Thank you”, was one of the many comments that could be read on the social network.

It is worth noting that this strong earthquake caused significant damage to Yuka54 km southwest of Karaveli, where many homes and buildings were not prepared to withstand an earthquake of this magnitude. Initial inspections revealed cracks and partial collapses in several buildings, leaving many families homeless. In addition, bridges and main roads connecting the area were seriously affected, complicating emergency and aid efforts.

The proximity that Edgar Vivar He has it with the Peruvians. Every year the Mexican actor comes to our country to perform circus shows, as well as appear on various programs and give interviews.

This year can't be an exception. The Ticket Mr. Belly He was announced as a member of the new season of the Chola Chabuca International Circus “Oz” in Plaza Norte.

Here the Mexican will give life to the character Wizard of Oz. The show will premiere on July 19. Tickets are available now on Teleticket.

It should be noted that Edgar Vivar He is no stranger to this character, having played it 11 years ago in the musical “The Wizard of Oz” at the theatre, where he showed his talent for singing and dancing.

As is known after Shavo neighborhood, The artist has been part of other productions, both Mexican and Peruvian. His last participation in our country was in the film Julián Zucchi with Yiddá Esslav, I am innocent, Released in 2023.

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