Encone.tv Premiere: Ecuadorean comedians return to cinemas with ‘Visa-Free Plug’ | cinema | entertainment

Encone.tv Premiere: Ecuadorean comedians return to cinemas with ‘Visa-Free Plug’ |  cinema |  entertainment

The comedy is directed by Christian Moya (Co-Founder, Director and Actor of Encone.tv).

They debuted in 2011 with a YouTube video titled worst choice. Ten years later, and with 24.6 million subscribers currently on its channel on that platform, Encone.tv continues to give its audience reasons to laugh, follow and, on this particular occasion, turn to the movies.

Gabes without a visa It is the Ecuadorean movie that has been shown in theaters across the country since Friday 20th. Although the movie Dedicated to my ex-wife, Directed by Jorge Ulloa and available on Netflix, the production in which they debuted on the big screen was, Gabes without a visa It’s the first thing they produced. In 2017, it had its limited premiere on Vimeo (a one-hour special), before hitting theaters.

This new production of touching movies Directed by Christian Moya (Co-founder, Director and Actor for Enchufe.tv) and starring Jorge Ulloa, Erika Russo, Raul Santana, Natalie Valencia, Orlando Herrera, Carla Yepez, and Leder Medranda, among other famous Ecuadorean actors.

Comedy, the film deals with the story of six Latinos who travel to the United States for the first time. From an exchange student to a naive actress, each of them will experience unexpected adventures while dealing with the language, gastronomy, customs and harassment of the immigration authorities who will try to send them back to their country.

The film deals with the special language of Enchufe.tvIn addition to including many already distinguished characters in the plot of some of the stories.

“Comedy involves laughing at something or someone; a run Gabes without a visa We focus on exaggerating all the stereotypes we have in mind, whether Gringos or Latinos, to show that we are all the same,” Moya says.

One of the scenes of the movie “Plug Without a Visa”, which has been shown in theaters across the country since Friday, August 20. photo courtesy

Gabes without a visa It marks the start of the season of Touché Films’ premium theatrical releases. IncompetentThe new feature film produced by this Ecuadorean production company – in association with 2b Originals of Spain – will be shown in Latin American theaters in October 2021. Filming for this new project ended in December of the previous year and is the first appearance of Quito actor Orlando Herrera, who is also participating Visa-free delivery.

Incompetent It is the production company’s second feature film touching movies And 2b origins From Spain. This film, which ended filming in December of the previous year, is the debut for Keito actor Orlando Herrera, a talent from the series. sketches Enchufe.tv. Incompetent The film features Julia, a young woman raised in the United States who must suddenly leave her life in that country and return to Ecuador, where her parents are from.

This production has an international cast: Alicia Jazz And Jimena Gomez (Mexico), Julian Serratti And Mica Suarez (Argentina), Jaffe Mon (Spain), Risa Ortiz (Peru) and Gisele Torres (United States of America); Ecuadorians join them Jorge Ulloa, Natalie Valencia And Julio Bane, from Enchufe.tv. (e)

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