Ending Maker Chapter 46: Release Date, Raw Scan & Spoiler

ending maker chapter 46

ending maker chapter 46

In the heart-stomping world of Manhwa, the South Korean counterpart of manga, one series has been creating whirlwinds of popularity – Ending Maker. This thrilling creation of Pikapi weaves a story of action, fantasy, and drama that has held its audience captive since its inception.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter: 45
  • Release Date: July 1, 2023
  • Language: Korean
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance
  • Where to Read: Kakao

Popularity of the Show

Ending Maker has undoubtedly emerged as a game-changer in the Manhwa industry. The unique plot twists, paired with dynamic character development and mind-bending artwork, have made it a favorite among Manhwa enthusiasts worldwide. Its unrelenting pace and continuously evolving storyline keeps the fans hooked, eagerly waiting for the release of every new chapter.

Release Date of Ending Maker Chapter 46

The anticipation for Ending Maker Chapter 46 is palpable among fans. The newest addition to the series is scheduled to be released on  July 01, 2023. Like the chapters before it, it promises to deliver an engaging plot twist and dynamic character interactions.

Ending Maker Chapter 46 Spoiler

Chapter 46 is expected to unravel the aftermath of the intense cliffhanger in Chapter 45. Will Kang Ji-Hoon survive the encounter? If so, how will he recover? How will his near-death experience affect the dynamics of the group and the storyline? Chapter 46 promises to answer these pressing questions and more.

Cast of  Ending Maker Chapter 46

Undeniably, the success of Ending Maker wouldn’t be the same without the diverse ensemble of characters that give the manhwa its heart and soul. Each character, through their unique personalities and intricate story arcs, adds a layer of complexity and depth to the narrative.

Our protagonist, Kang Ji-Hoon, is an embodiment of courage, intelligence, and unwavering will. He is the focal point around which the plot revolves, and his nuanced portrayal has left an indelible impression on the readers.

Then there is the enigmatic Sera, who constantly tests Ji-Hoon’s resolve. With her lethal combat skills and mysterious motives, she provides a compelling counterpoint to Ji-Hoon.

The comic relief and heart of the team is often provided by the endearing pair of Yuna and Min-Jae. Their light-hearted banter and unwavering loyalty to their friends add a warm touch to the intense plotlines.

Let’s not forget the charismatic antagonist, whose identity remains shrouded in mystery. His cunning, ruthlessness, and inscrutable motives make him a character to watch out for.

In addition, the vast supporting cast, with characters like Tae-Hyun and Su-Jin, further enhance the richness of the plot. They each bring unique perspectives, ensuring that every chapter is imbued with intrigue and anticipation.

In essence, the cast of Ending Maker is a blend of diverse characters, each contributing to the series’ rich tapestry of emotions, action, and intricate plotlines. The development of these characters throughout the series has been exceptional, keeping readers hooked and eagerly awaiting each new chapter.

Ending Maker Chapter 45  Recap

Chapter 45 of Ending Maker was, in simple terms, a narrative masterstroke, interweaving heart-stopping action with profound emotional depth. It was a crucial juncture in the plot that profoundly affected the trajectory of the series, and its influence will surely be seen in the upcoming chapters.

The chapter began with Kang Ji-Hoon, our beloved protagonist, finding himself cornered by a powerful foe, leading to an intense battle. The strength of his opponent was formidable, pushing Ji-Hoon to the brink of his physical and mental limits. It was a desperate fight for survival, with the odds significantly stacked against Ji-Hoon.

During the entire sequence, what stood out was Ji-Hoon’s undying will to protect his comrades. His courage in the face of mortal danger, his selfless drive to shield his friends even at the cost of his own safety, added a poignant layer to the chapter.

[DISC] Ending Maker – Chapter 44 (Reaper Scans)
by u/LeleTheKing in manga

The narrative cleverly juxtaposed the external conflict of the fight scene with Ji-Hoon’s internal struggles. Every moment of hope was countered with despair, each potential triumph overshadowed by impending doom.

Chapter 45 also delved deeper into the character dynamics of the group. The precarious situation brought forth the genuine concern of Ji-Hoon’s comrades, underscoring the bond they share. Their collective anxiety and desperation painted a stark picture of the impending threat to their survival.

In one of the chapter’s most heart-rending scenes, Ji-Hoon sustained a life-threatening injury, leaving his friends and us, the readers, in a state of shock and despair. His life was hanging by a thread, and the chapter concluded on this emotional cliffhanger.

However, amidst the gloom and desperation, Chapter 45 also highlighted the theme of hope. Despite their dire circumstances, the underlying resolve of Ji-Hoon and his friends to survive and protect each other was unshakeable. This indomitable spirit has been a recurring theme in Ending Maker, and Chapter 45 was no different.

Chapter 45 of Ending Maker was a roller coaster of intense action and deep emotional resonance. It pushed the characters to their limits, tested their resolve, and left us on a cliffhanger that will undoubtedly have significant consequences on the forthcoming chapters.

Raw Scan Release for Ending Maker Chapter 46

Raw scans for Chapter 46 will likely surface  three to four days prior to the official release date. These raw scans, although untranslated, give the hardcore Manhwa fans a sneak peek into the chapter’s storyline.

Ratings of the Show

The rating of Ending Maker has consistently been high, reflecting its popularity among the Manhwa readers. It has earned a commendable score on major review platforms such as MangaDex, Webtoon, and others.

Review of the Show

Ending Maker has consistently proven its worth as a top-tier Manhwa. The artwork, the story development, the characters, and the overall pacing have been near flawless.

The series has brilliantly balanced action-packed scenes with emotional depth, making readers invest in the story and characters. Each chapter has successfully built upon the previous one, creating a breathtaking narrative that keeps readers on their toes.

Where to Read

You can immerse yourself in the world of Ending Maker through several platforms. The series is officially available on kakaopage . Reading here ensures you’re supporting the creators and the Manhwa industry.


Ending Maker is a splendid example of how Manhwa can encapsulate complex characters and intense storylines into beautifully drawn panels. The upcoming Chapter 46 is set to take us on another roller coaster ride into the lives of these characters. So gear up, fellow Manhwa lovers! The next chapter promises another breathtaking journey into the heart of Ending Maker

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