Extreme heat killed more than 2,000 people in Spain in July

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Fernando Alonso will race with Aston Martin from 2023

The British team announced, on Monday, that Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, twice world champion in Formula 1, will be a driver for the Aston Martin team from 2023 on a multi-year contract. In a statement, Aston Martin acknowledged that “Fernando’s incredible experience, superb racing pace and ability are a clear statement of intent from an organization committed to developing a winning Formula 1 team.” For his part, Alonso was very optimistic about the future: “This team obviously puts in the energy and commitment to win and is therefore one of the most exciting teams in Formula 1 today. I know Lawrence-Lawrence Stroll, CEO of Aston Martin – and Lance Stroll for many years and from It is very clear that they have the ambition and the passion to succeed in Formula 1.” “I’ve seen the team consistently attract great people with a winning brand, and I’m aware of the massive commitment to new facilities and resources at Silverstone where no one in Formula 1 today shows greater vision and absolute commitment to winning. It makes it a really exciting opportunity for me,” says the Spaniard. “I am still hungry and ambitious to fight to be at the forefront, and I want to be part of an organization committed to learning, development and success, while we all know there is a long way to go there and we have to put all our energies into working together to find the return.” The double world champion explains. “The passion and desire for the performance I witnessed – the pilot insisted – convince me to keep his fun and my commitment to this sport. I intend to win again in this sport and therefore must take advantage of the opportunities that seem right for me.” Aston Martin CEO Lawrence Stroll admits in this statement that he has known and admired Fernando Alonso “for many years and has always been clear that he is a committed winner like me”. “I have made it my mission to bring together the best people and develop the right resources and organization to succeed in this highly competitive sport, and those plans are now taking shape at Silverstone, so it seemed only natural to invite Fernando to be part of developing a winning team, and in our recent conversations we quickly demonstrated that we have the same ambitions and values. And it was logical and easy to confirm our desire to work together,” said Strul. (c) EFE . Agency

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