Facebook Messenger | What is the strange function of temporary mode and how to activate it | SPORTS-PLAY

Facebook Messenger |  What is the strange function of temporary mode and how to activate it |  SPORTS-PLAY

Have you heard about this feature before? It is the second most used instant messaging app in the world, below the unprecedented WhatsApp, which incidentally belongs to the same company Facebook. This time we will teach you a trick unknown by users, because it is a secret that you must activate to enter the temporary mode, what is this? We will explain that below.

This is the original function of It’s available for both iOS and Android phones from Apple. This consists of opening a new conversation with your contact, but when you exit the temporary mode, all texts, photos, videos and audios will be deleted automatically.

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It is a similar tool for the self-destructing messages on WhatsApp, although with the temporary mode it will not leave any trace, because if the other person you are talking to takes a screenshot, the action will appear as a warning in the chat, so it gives you more privacy.


  • First, make sure Facebook Messenger You have no pending updates in Google Play or the App Store.
  • Now, open the app and enter any conversation you’re having with a contact (preferably with whom you’ll do the trick).
  • Press for a few seconds on an empty space (complete this last step), then swipe up until you see the following message “Press and hold to activate temporary mode” or “Release to activate temporary mode”.
  • Done, now chat with your friend and if you take a screenshot, it will be automatically recorded in the conversation with the following notification: “I took a screenshot”.
  • If you want to exit the mode, just touch the “Deactivate Temporary Mode” option present at the top of the chat.
Temporary profile mode look (Photo: Mag)

Do you have a problem with Facebook Messenger Do you want to report it? click To report something not working properly in the app. If what you want is to report abuse or other conversations that break the Messenger rules, tap Next . You can also shake your smartphone to report a problem.

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