Factor Wellbeing returns to Mexico

Factor Wellbeing returns to Mexico

Rosalind Ballesteros

The science of happiness

For me, it is my pleasure to comment that the luxury factor seems strong in Mexico. It is a global trend that drags the country with great force and consists in paying special attention to the well-being of employees inside and outside organizations.

The pandemic has caused increased interest in the type of leadership that is applied, especially now that most of us are facing some kind of post-pandemic shock.

What do we do well to provide security for our collaborators? How, after the pandemic, do we create an environment of trust, stability and certainty? Are the costs arising from these efforts sustainable?

The answers are easy to explain, but even though there are proven scientific methods, applying them can be difficult if you don’t have The conviction that the person comes first.

Last year, despite the pandemic plunge, the Institute for Wellbeing and Happiness Science and Business Insider launched a program we specifically call Factor Wellbeing in which we assess the culture of wellbeing for more than 60 organizations with our proprietary methodology that we call BEAT.

We were surprised by the high participation, despite the health emergency, but especially by the good results many of them had.

The good news doesn’t stop there, we already had nearly 30 organizations registered before the official announcement of the second edition of Factor Wellbeing.

These are signs that organizations and their leaders are concerned about giving their projects and collaborators a focus on wellbeing; to generate positive environments, abandoning this zigzag approach of looking at weaknesses to focus on strengths; In short, by aligning the purposes of the organization with those of its collaborators so that the work is useful, while making sure that We contribute something positive to the world.

What will we be reviewing at Factor Wellbeing this year?

This year we will also assess the care provided to employees’ mental health, their financial well-being, and the management of mixed teams, both at home and in the workplace; work flexibility; A culture of diversity, fairness and inclusion, trying to make evaluation more powerful, but also more in line with these times.

As we said in this space, it is proven that an organization that promotes Good Its collaborators cause a downward spiral of productivity that benefits everyone.

It’s not about complying with work regulations, but about convincing ourselves that the world needs to change and that the workplace is where we spend the most hours.

Well-being, what we call the Weillbeing factor, is essential to the lasting success of any organization. We have to address it if we really want to positively transform the world.

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Jonas Curtis | Business Insider Mexico

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