FBI True Season 3: Cast, Plot, Release Date Latest Updates


In a world captivated by drama and suspense, crime thriller series have taken a central seat in the realm of entertainment. FBI True, the paramount series chronicling the thrilling world of FBI investigations, stands as a testament to this fascination.

The series, based on true crime stories, has not just generated a buzz among crime-thriller enthusiasts but has rapidly emerged as a household name, having released its first two seasons already. This gripping series, filled with intrigue, mystery, and excitement, brings to life the tales of real-life FBI agents tackling some of the most enigmatic mysteries around the world.

Quick Facts

  • No of Seasons- 2
  • First Episode – Feb 28,2023
  • Genre – Crime thriller
  • Language – English
  • Where to Watch – Paramount +
  • Season 2 Update – Jun 20 2023 (Release)

Popularity of the Show

Unsurprisingly, the popularity of FBI True has skyrocketed since its inception, appealing to a broad spectrum of viewers. Each episode presents a new crime scenario based on real-life events, and audiences worldwide have been glued to their screens, eager to see how these high-stakes cases are resolved.

The show’s unique approach of presenting crime scenes and the FBI’s tactful handling of them has made FBI True one of the most anticipated crime series in recent times.

Renewal Status of FBI True Season 3


Owing to the immense popularity of the series and the successful run of its first two seasons, the question of the third season’s renewal has been on every fan’s mind.

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief as Paramount Network has officially announced the renewal of FBI True for a third season. The announcement came soon after the second season, which aired its finale on February 28, 2023, underscoring the network’s confidence in the show.

Release Date of FBI True Season 3

The official release date for FBI True Season 3 has been confirmed for June 20, 2023. Given the consistent quality and audience engagement the series has maintained, this new season is eagerly awaited by fans across the globe.

Cast of FBI True Season 3

The cast of the upcoming season remains under wraps as of now . The episodic nature of the show, each telling a distinct crime story, leaves a lot of room for speculation about the new faces that might join the team or the familiar ones that might return.

What Will Happen in Season 3?

While the exact plot details of the third season remain under wraps, the showrunners have hinted that the season will delve into the history and rise of the infamous terrorist group, Al Qaeda. An exploration into one of the world’s most notorious terrorist groups and the role of the U.S. and Russia’s war in its inception is expected to serve as a compelling backdrop for the upcoming season.

Season 1: Recap

The debut season of FBI True served as an exhilarating gateway into the complex and high-stakes world of FBI investigations. Each episode showcased real-life crime stories, thus keeping the audience at the edge of their seats.

The season’s culmination was a gripping finale titled The Boy in the Bunker. This final episode narrated the high-intensity situation of a five-year-old boy held hostage in a bunker filled with explosives. It was a race against time for the FBI agents who had to strategize quickly under immense pressure to save the child from the kidnapper. The stakes were high, and every moment counted. The first season ended on this high note, leaving viewers eager for more and setting the stage for the following season.

Season 2: Recap

The second season of FBI True continued its legacy of intriguing crime stories. Each episode brought forth a new case based on actual events, further immersing viewers into the high-pressure world of FBI agents.

The show’s realistic portrayal of investigations, along with the agents’ dedication and grit, was applauded by fans and critics alike. It ended on a cliffhanger that left viewers guessing, hinting at the continuation of the story into the next season.

The closing episode of the second season depicted a series of unexpected happenings around the world, leading to increased suspicions and conjectures among the audience. The agents were faced with challenging cases and mysterious occurrences, putting their skills and judgment to the ultimate test.

As the series delves deeper into the world of crime investigation, audiences have been consistently engrossed in the unfolding drama. The brilliant execution of complex narratives, alongside the fantastic performances, has cemented FBI True as a fan-favorite in the crime thriller genre. The suspense-filled ending of the second season has successfully set the stage for the third installment, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating its release.

Ratings of the Show

FB True has managed to garner commendable ratings for a show of its genre. Holding a respectable IMDB rating of 7 and an impressive 80% popularity among users, the series has showcased consistent growth in its viewership.

Review of the Show

As a professional movie and series critic, it’s refreshing to see a series like FBI True that does justice to the crime thriller genre. The series’ unique premise of narrating real-life crime stories through the eyes of FBI agents lends an authenticity rarely seen in this genre. The suspense-filled narratives, coupled with exemplary performances, make FBI True a must-watch.

Where to Watch the Show

The entire series, including the upcoming season, is available to stream on Apple TV+ and Paramount. For those yet to delve into the riveting world of FBI True, the platform offers an excellent opportunity to catch up before the new season airs.


FBI True stands as a stellar example of how a well-crafted crime thriller series can captivate audiences and leave them yearning for more.

As we anticipate the new season, which promises more gripping narratives and intense drama, it’s safe to say that FBI True has effectively etched its name in the annals of memorable crime series. Come June 20, 2023, we look forward to being plunged once again into the thrilling world of real-life FBI investigations.


Where can you watch Season 3 of FBI?You can watch Season 3 of FBI True on Apple TV+. It’s a streaming platform that allows subscribers to view a variety of TV shows and movies. Remember to ensure your subscription is active to enjoy the latest season of this thrilling series.

How many episodes are in FBI – Season 3?

The third season of FBI True consists of 10 episodes. Each episode continues the series’ tradition of portraying intriguing and realistic crime stories based on true events, offering viewers a deep dive into the world of FBI investigations.

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