FGR determines not to exercise criminal proceedings against directors of the National Institute of Statistics

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The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) He decided Failure to carry out criminal proceedings against the six Members of the Board of the National Electoral Institute (INE) who voted in favor of a postponement Revocation of authorizationdue to lack of budget.

In confirmation of the above, the head of the National Institute of Statistics said, Lorenzo Cordova VianelloHe affirmed that the Speaker of Parliament, Sergio Gutierrez Luna failed in his baseless accusations.

“Last year, the National Institute of Statistics and those who make up the National Election Institute were accused They misapplied Law. Personal threats and even criminal complaints have been filed, There were some actors who dared to introduce, by the way, they failed to trybecause they have already been archived, and I would like to thank the corresponding Prosecutor’s Office, which has ensured the rule of law, and baseless criminal complaints which may have been due to political intent, to be noted by those who have submitted, and then on those No criminal case has already been determined“.

At a press conference in the Senate, Cordova Vianello celebrated the return of the constitutional order to its normal course.

It is good that the constitutional order gets back on track despite bad and irresponsible players This from time to time changes it. But I think the constitutional order The Mexican legal system is much more powerful than political actors who have little democratic attachment to the rules.”

In this context, the President of the National Institute of Statistics trusts that In the years 2023 and 2024, the electoral system continues to provide peace and democratic stability for Mexican society.

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