Fifty Years of History: How the World Welcomed Color TV

The Television Broadcasting started the color from 1953 It changed the world, culture, art, communication and social life forever. 50 years ago – on average – it was a revolution the color And the first transmissions around the planet At this initial stage of 30 years It was as follows:

Word Television It was first used by the Russians Konstantin Dmitrievich Persky In a document submitted in 1900. In 1908 an Armenian engineer Hovhannes Adamianauthor of more than 20 inventions, patented Bi-color image transmission He is considered one of the founders color TV. The first nationwide broadcasts were in 1953 (US), 1958 (Cuba), 1960 (Japan) and 1963 (Mexico), but Services full time color It was only achieved half a century ago (in the seventies) with the adaptation of monochrome televisions to the color.

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