Film about the Eucharist arrives in the United States after it invaded Latin America

The hit documentary Vivo (Alive, in English), which collects fascinating testimonies of the life-changing power of the Eucharist, arrives on April 25 To theaters in the United States After its successful passage through Spain and Latin America.

Produced by Hakuna Films, distributed by Bosco Films and directed by Jorge Barriga Trigo, Vivo presents four transformative stories of people who had a personal encounter with Christ during the Eucharistic Adoration.

The documentary also follows in the footsteps of the work of Hakuna, a pastoral initiative of Spanish priest José Pedro Manglano.

In an interview with ACI Prensa in November 2021, Father Manglano emphasized that the film has a huge impact in the midst of a world that may have been “used” to seeing the Eucharist as “a uniting bread, the bread of a being”.

He said, “Perhaps we have forgotten that in this bread there is a heart that beats, that this bread is alive and that this bread has unifying power and strength, healing, transformation, and peacemaking.”

In a statement sent to ACI Prensa, the film’s producers highlighted that the testimonies provided by Vivo show how “life is changed by the true presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist: the Living God.”

They said, “These true stories are told by real people and invite the public to consider their testimony and the power of God in Christ hidden in a white host, something many cannot see or discern and did not know before.”

In addition, they highlighted that Vivo “will serve as a tool for Catholic dioceses, parishes, ministries and families to share the message of Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist.”

They added that this is especially essential “at a time when the world desperately needs the light, hope and power of Jesus Christ.”

To purchase tickets to watch Vivo en Estados Unidos, you can enter:

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