Finding former members of a group is the next new coming to WhatsApp

Finding former members of a group is the next new coming to WhatsApp

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The world’s most popular messaging app is constantly working to offer more features. Thus, it has been added to the comprehensive list of known updates every day Option to find former members of the group.

Information shared from trusted site in leaks WABetaInfoexplain that the job Previous participantsIt will allow WhatsApp users to see who has left or been removed from a group in the last 60 days.

WhatsApp is working on another function focused on groups

Finding former members of a group is the next new coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is working on a new functionality for groups

According to the photos shared, The function will be visible at the bottom of the group participants list. These early details indicate that the list will be visible to all group members and not just to group admins.

Of course, and when it comes to any beta version, especially if it is from WhatsApp, it may take months before it is officially launched. However, there is also room for surprise and for this to happen in the short term. This is without a doubt, The application focused on providing functionality that improves the performance of WhatsApp groups.

Just a few weeks ago, the company expanded the possibility Add more people to groups. which updated the limit from 256 people to 512 participants. Likewise, the option to notify that another user has joined the video call, in a group chat, has been introduced.

Also with regard to collections, the company continues to focus on another long-awaited option, such as the one presented Leaving a group without any of the other members knowing about it immediately, thanks to the absence of the notification that we usually see when a contact leaves the group. But if the current tests stay on track, they will be able to do so by checking out ‘past participants’.

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