Finlay, or the dedication of science ‘science’ granma

Finlay, or the dedication of science ‘science’ granma
Dr. Carlos Juan Finlay. picture: Granma Archive

How would you describe the greatness of a man who preceded his time? How does the genius of a doctor whose greatest concern were to devote his life to the science that heals and saves? How is the memory of the most universal Cuban scientist honored?

All the answers seem to lie in the tangible results of Cuban health, because even today, more than a century after his physical departure, the extraordinary work of Carlos Juan Finlay remains an inescapable reference for the treatment of various ailments.

And this is in addition to his transcendental contribution to world science, by discovering the method of transmission of yellow fever infection, and determining the biological agent that spreads it (the mosquito). Aedes aegypti), Finley also conducted important research on cholera, malaria, dengue fever and neonatal tetanus, among other diseases.

Described as a model of conquering and scientific excellence, those who knew him always highlighted his sharp mind and tireless perseverance, despite a life marked by great efforts, bloody pain, and deep misunderstandings.

Because of the genius of Cuban and world science, who even wanted to take away the paternity of his theory of the mosquito as a carrier of yellow fever, which, in addition, was censored and deprived of many confessions in life, future generations rewarded him with the daily practice of the results of their research.

Because if today Cuba shows sustained work in vector control and eradication, and yellow fever is not a concern, it is due to the imprint of this enormous scientist, whose name honors us as a nation by being among the six great microbiologists of all time. times.

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