First case of monkeypox reported in Morelos | News

First case of monkeypox reported in Morelos |  News

This Saturday, health authorities reported the first infected person in Morelos

Cuernavaca, Morelos. – Last night, government health authorities reported the confirmation of the first case of monkeypox in Morelos. It was unofficially said that this person was discovered in Cuernavaca.

The Health and Health Services Secretary of Morelos (SSM) has specified that the patient is stable and is currently kept in home isolation, in addition to maintaining permanent medical monitoring.

Although no details were provided on the affected person, the agency noted that the results were presented by the Institute for Diagnostics and Epidemiological Reference (InDRE).

He announced in a statement that the relevant protocols attached to the federal guidelines and the Health Fence for timely assistance have already begun.

According to Sarbelio Moreno Espinosa, professor of virology in the Graduate School of Infectious Diseases at the College of Medicine (FM), monkeypox can be treated at home and is generally cured within 14 days with appropriate measures and medications.

The researcher also stated that it is not a serious or fatal disease or requires hospitalization.

In this regard, the Morelos authorities urged the population to maintain hygiene measures and, above all, to avoid contact with the skin of anyone showing symptoms or whose diagnosis has been confirmed.

You have to be informed

It is important to seek medical help in the corresponding unit or log on to the platform

Marco Antonio Canto. The head of the SSM said that the crew is already prepared for any emergency.

disease sign:



Swollen lymph nodes

Low back and muscle pain


Skin lesions, initially on the face and later on the rest of the body

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