Ford’s BlueCruise system is prevalent in America

Ford’s BlueCruise system is prevalent in America

Just a year ago blue oval signature It began introducing a “hands-free” driving system in the United States. Baptized as BlueCruiseThis, apparently, caused a stir among its customers, who this year have accumulated millions of kilometers without ever getting their hands on the steering wheel.

As far as I have reported it to Ford now In just one year, the BlueCruise system accumulates a whopping 10.6 million miles. You can translate that to roughly 17.1 million kilometers or go to and from the moon 22 times.

There are about 66,500 vehicles equipped with BlueCruise

That mileage with the connected BlueCruise system is even more impressive when it was discovered that the said technology was not yet equipped on all models of the US manufacturer’s range. Yes good, Nearly 15,000 Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang Mach-E owners have completed the latest BlueCruise system software update.. Another 35,000 customers are said to be in the pipeline.

The signature blue oval indicates that today there are approximately 66,500 vehicles equipped with the BlueCruise system from the factory. And therefore 66,500 customers enjoy the semi-autonomous ‘hands-free’ driving system. They use this system on a daily basis, with Ford revealing that their hands-free mileage doubled from 4.5 million miles (7.2 million km) to 10.6 million miles (17.1 million km) in one month. The company also noted that the most popular way to use the BlueCruise system is to Highways connecting Dallas, Houston, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Cape Canaveral, and Fort Lauderdale.

Currently working on US roads

Ford’s BlueCruise system enables hands-free driving on more than 130,000 miles (nearly 210,000 km) of US highways. east It takes information from the intelligent adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, lane change assistant and traffic light reader to allow these vehicles to detect the environment and orient themselves on the road. It is also able to monitor the driver to ensure that he is paying attention. If you don’t, it will notify you to warn you of the situation.

Ford Power-Up Technology Program Manager, Farid Abdel-Hadi, noted that over-the-air updates are “the gift that keeps on giving” and that “BlueCruise software updates are a strong example of that,” given that you “one day lead naturally and to the next.” in hands-free mode. This is amazing when you think about it and shows how over-the-air updates can keep “old” cars in good shape.

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