Former First Lady of El Salvador sentenced to 10 years in prison


Ana Legia de Saka, former first lady السيدة saviorHe was sentenced to ten years in prison Court of Justice of El SalvadorShe is accused of money and asset laundering.

The Salvadoran authorities They ask him to return $17.6 million to the state.

Also, court He was sentenced to ten years in prison Oscar Edgardo Sol Mixco, brother of the former first lady, while Milton Romero Aviles, associated with Saka Companies, was sentenced to seven years in prison for the same crimes.

The case is linked to acts of corruption by the government of former President Tony Saca (2004-2009), who was previously tried and convicted of diverting more than $300 million from the public treasury for the benefit of his companies and third parties.

The ruling was successful for the Prosecutor’s Office. Part of the prosecution said, Ms. Anna Legia Mixco de Saka has been sentenced to ten years in prison for money laundering.

According to the attorney general’s office, the reading of the verdict against the defendants – which includes the arguments in favor of the verdict announced on Friday – will take place on June 21. The former first lady has also received a civil liability conviction, but details will be determined on reading day. Meanwhile, the attorney general’s office has already asked the former first lady to return $17.6 million to the field.

The The former first lady admittedOr his responsibility for laundering $25 million in public funds, but he withdrew after the Public Prosecution demanded that the previously stated amount be returned to the state.

Ms. De Sacca was charged with money laundering and cover-up of a network that laundered $25 million by triangulating money that came out of state coffers to individuals who transferred it to various advertising agencies, which in turn sometimes were. Sent to telecom companies belonging to the family of former president Saka.

The 56-year-old former president He is serving a ten-year prison sentence in La Esperanza prison, on the outskirts of San Salvador, for diverting $300 million in public funds for the benefit of his companies and third parties. In September 2018, the former president requested summary proceedings and after pleading guilty to his crimes, a court sentenced him to charges of embezzlement and money and asset laundering.

Five of his longtime accomplices also pleaded guilty during the trial to obtain a reduced sentence.


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