Free Course to Become a Successful Content Creator Spreading Science and Art to Audiences

The Google video platform is looking for new promoters in Spain, people who can teach culture, science and other subjects while having fun. I was born for this Digitizing yourself, a free course taught by professionals And the famous faces of this world such as Quantum Francture, La Hiperactina or Marcos Alberca.

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Facing the camera and getting the attention of netizens is not as easy as it seems, especially for you It aims to spread knowledge This is attractive to all kinds of audiences. The teachers of this 7-week course promoted by YouTube, Google Arts & Culture, Fundación Alternativas and 2btube know this all too well.

Without economic cost, those who have been able to talk about physics, biology, linguistics or painting to millions of viewers will teach those interested How to create a channel for this topic from scratch And you don’t die trying. The course starts in September and Registrations are open.

course and teachers

“The training track covers all aspects of strategy and content creation in an audiovisual format, such as video production, recording, and editing,” YouTube explains in a statement. For seven weeks, students will receive What you need to know to be a YouTube professional.

YouTube and 2btube professionals who have already made a name for themselves on this platform with live lessons will explain “how to publish and place videos, how to see if they are successful, how to reach a larger audience and how to monetize, among other topics.” Diagrams and materials to understand the theory and implement the practical part will also be provided.

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In addition to classes, there will be weekly live shows with influencers to solve all problemsshred Doubts that arise when starting on YouTube. They will be answered by content creators like Quantum break which has created a community of two million followers interested in understanding the principles of physics. for this part, billiard framesReaches a similar number of viewers about his travel photography as he does RGB . School; While Hyperactin teaches biology.

They also participate fish memoriesa channel focused on history and linguistic Which makes linguistics interesting. They will be disastrous studys Natalia Bliss He talks about art, painting and music, as well as institutions such as Institute of Theoretical Physics (IFT)And the Juan March FoundationAnd the Royal Theater and the Galician Symphony.


Registration is now open on the website for anyone who is interested, but few may get a scholarship that will give them greater access to the course. This scholarship allows you to be the first to ask questions to ambassadors during live performances, receive exclusive downloadable materials, and be invited to the closing ceremony of the bootcamp.

To participate as a scholarship recipient, they must prove that they are the most interested in becoming a professional on the platform. in A video of less than 2 minutes must show their future projectwhy they are taking the course, what they would like to achieve, and what they will use what they have learned in it.

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