From Europe to MLS? Omar Juvia with access to the United States

future of Omar Jovia It continues in the air. The midfielder who plays for ezolt From Belgian football decided to leave the institution, and now United States MLS appeared on the wayis mexican, This is a potential destination. Although so far The club intending to do so has not been disclosedIt is known that the player He doesn’t look bad playing on US soil.

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before start Opening 2022 of Liga MXJuvia held talks with the team Mazatlan To get access to Mexican football. However, the conversations did not bear fruit, And the player ended up staying on Belgian soil. This way and then 5 seasons in soccer Belgium, the government Getting ready to file Change in his career.

problem in belgium

Only last February it was Omar Jovia He’s back in action, that’s after he was the player This is “punished” for disagreements that he had with the manager zolt. This position means that the Mexican midfielder can only play a total of Six matches a year, Hence his future It is located outside Belgium.

Of course, this situation had repercussions as he was no longer considered a merging player Invitations to the Mexican national team. Two years ago Gerardo “Tata” Martino I’m calling Jovia For the tour that will hold mailto see By European territory, due to 28 matches He played. of them in 27 as a start.

youth squad Saint Louis Who also had a step by step America, He started his way in europe football with the Porto BWhere did he fight? 2015 to 2017. Later he played for Belgian Mouscron, Royal Antwerp From the same country zolt.

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