Germany: Thousands of dead fish found in a river on the border with Poland

Germany: Thousands of dead fish found in a river on the border with Poland

Germany Note that it has been found Thousands of dead fish In the border river with PolandWe’ll talk about something great environmental disaster Because entire banks that can reach not only thousands but millions of species that cross the water flow can be affected.

What do you know about dead fish in the rivers of Germany and Poland?

Thousands of fish float idle in a poemr, which raises fears of an ecological “disaster” in this river passes between Germany and Polandwhose authorities asked the residents to stay away from its waters.

In Germany they found thousands of dead fish in a river bordering Poland. Photo: AFP

Schools of fish sail over the belly Near the village of Schwedtin East Germany, probably swept away stream from polandwhere neighbors and fishermen discovered First cases on July 28.

German officials, surprised by the mass arrival of these animals, blamed the Polish authorities for not warning them. German Environment Minister Steffi LemkeHe called for a comprehensive investigation to determine the causes of this “environmental disaster”. in PolandThe right-wing populist government has been criticized for not acting sooner.

Photo: AFP

Why did the fish die in the river Germany and Poland?

Not only the fish are dead, but also many other aquatic animals such as mussels. oder It is a river that is considered relatively clean For many years which is home to forty species of fish.

Many of them now float lifelessly in its waters, some only a few centimeters away, others almost with two hands. Sometimes a specimen is seen trying to turn around to try to swim. The authorities appreciate it Animals may have been poisoned.

Photo: AFP

Analysis is underway in Germany to determine the nature of this substance. Indicators of levels have already been reported to the authorities Very high mercurywhich must be confirmed by the investigation.

In Poland, the police offered a reward 215 thousand dollars To find the culprit of spills. mercury is Metal does not disintegrate And he can stay Many years in the sediment.

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