Google launches an operating system to revive old computers

Bring your old PC back to life with ChromeOS Flex. Photo: Getty Images / Caption

What will you use for it? old computer If we tell you that there is a file The operating system Developed by The Google to revive old computers? Your Name Chrome OS Flex. It’s free and turns any old PC or Mac into a functional and modern one chrome book.

You may have one old computera “dinosaur” More than a decade no longer using it a house. If you want to play it, you will need to update it with recent versions of some The operating system. you won’t have Manufacturers supportNeither Security patches To replace Weak points Who said the computer.

Installations Chrome OS Flex From The Google in computer s Mac It is safe and can be done through a USB. Devices will run fast, won’t slow down over time, update automatically in the background, and can be managed from the cloud.

What is this Chrome OS Flex?

Chrome OS Flex It is an operating system The Google linuxIt focused on providing a modern experience of surfing the Internet and the tools and services it provides The GoogleHow google driveAnd the gmail And access to some apps Android.

All user information is stored in the cloud s You can change computers if you wish. Simply sign in to a new computer with a username and password and your computer will be set up exactly the same way it was recently signed in on another computer.

What are the limitations Chrome OS Flex?

However, it has some limitations. For example, it does not include some of the security features of Chrome OSsuch as a verified upload process or support TPM (Trusted Platform Module)a component that helps maintain data encryption security.

but still A great option that is easy to install and interoperate with other operating systems They can cum in it old computersas such Chrome OS Flex It contains regular security updates and tools for use on business computers.

What do you need to install ChromeOS Flex?

Chrome OS Flex It is a sustainable method Upgrade old computersbecause it only requires 64-bit compatible chip s 16 GB Hard Disk Available. Works on most Computers also Macor in Intel or AMD processors released since 2010. The Google Almost certified 300 models.

What advantages do you have when you install ChromeOS Flex?

The Cyber ​​security sandbox technology From Chrome OS Flex Provides a safe environment to open suspicious files and eliminates the need for antivirus software, in addition to preventing internal security controls Lost data on lost or stolen devices.

.’s operating system ChromeOS Flex extends the life of older PCsAnd the Reduce e-waste With a sustainable and friendly solution with environment.

ChromeOS Flex Saves Nordic Choice . Hotels

Nordic Choice Hotelswith 200 hotels in Finland and countries BalticsAttacked by ransomwareThis has paralyzed most of the network’s systems, including the one powered by digital room access cards, which has raised fears that hotels will shut down for months. This huge problem was fixed in just one weekend with Chrome OS Flex.

Nordic Choice Hotels replacing windows with Chrome OS Flex on all their devices and it was very easy to implement, as a guide was given to employees so that they can convert in a couple of days About 2000 computers in 200 hotels in 5 different countries.

Bjorn Arild WestDeputy General Manager of Nordic Choice Hotelsstated that the implementation of Chrome OS Flex Save them, because it turns out to be a file Stable, secure and uncomplicated operating system In hotels that use it, they are allowed to avoid complications with guests.

You may have one old computer in a houseYou can revive it and see how it works Chrome OS Flex. Here we leave you A link where you can download it for free. You just have to fill out a form.

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