Google Photos launches a feature for your pet photos


If you have Android phone and you are using Google Photos There is a new function you want to use. It is a series of widgets Which offers several frameworks and which allows the possibility to install some type of files digital photo frame on the main screen. The good news is that it’s configurable and doesn’t just work with people’s photos, Also from pets. It is possible to place many of these widgets on the home screen, in different forms and by Pictures of different people or pets passes automatically.

Pictures of your pet on your mobile screen

This new feature is not intended Change your mobile wallpaper, this is independent of New widgets. Pictures appear in a kind of frame with a difference shapes and sizes that the user can configure. It’s simple and it will probably start to become popular.

This could be the new piece Install on the home screen Like any other and with one click you can access the configuration. Unlike the “Memories” widget, this allows you to configure What shows people or pets: not display images at random.

You can select up to 10 people or pets different between each Google Photos It was revealed on the show. You just have to decide what the widget will look like, the individuals that will appear and that’s it.

The widget will start displaying random pictures Of those people or pets in the selected setting. This will go change from time to time So that you can look at the pictures every time the device is used.

It is an interesting thing and many people will appreciate it. Of course, it is only possible to use the function if you have security copy, even if it’s free, in Google Photos.


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