Google TV comes to mobiles with a renewed interface and integration with Netflix, Disney +, and more

Google TV comes to mobiles with a renewed interface and integration with Netflix, Disney +, and more

He who warns is not a traitor. Google Play Movies started disappearing from Smart TV and Roku in June, and now they are starting to disappear from our mobile phones. The new app is called Google TV, and it’s an evolution of what were, until now, Play Movies.

It is a renewed application that completely changes its interface With which we can search and discover new content to watch while streaming or download it in the app itself. We tell you how change happens and what it entails.

Play Movies is now Google TV

The old Google Play Movies app would be called Google TV, like the OS that carried Chromecast with Google TV. Google says the app will be updated “in the coming weeks” With the new name, icon and interfaceBecause it is a completely renewed service.

Google TV is still a multimedia hub for content. Now it revamps its interface and integrates with major streaming services

Google TV will stay Multimedia Center With it we can buy movies and series, although it will now also be integrated with services such as Netflix, HBO or Disney +, to give us recommendations on them, as in the case of the Smart TV interface. When we open the app, it will ask us about the services we have subscribed to, giving us different recommendations.

Third-Party Platforms Contents It will be played from their own platforms, with direct access to them from the Google TV app itself. In addition to these contents, there is all the paid content for Google TV, and it can be played from the application itself.

“In the coming weeks, the Play Movies app on Android mobile devices will be updated to be the Google TV app. You’ll notice that Google TV has a new overall look, with a new icon, logo and app name, but you can enjoy the features you love most. Plus, Under the Library tab, you can find all your purchased entertainment products.

Google TV first started arriving in the US, but now Google is sending an email to all Play Movies users informing them of the change. Google says the change will happen “in a few weeks”Although the app can already be downloaded from the Play Store.

Google TV

Google TV

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