Grace is still on its way to the Yucatan Peninsula: they ask for precautions


Expect Thursday to arrive with strong winds and rain

tropical depression Grace maintains course toward Yucatan PeninsulaWhere it will arrive on Thursday 19 with strong winds and rain.

In its report today, the Inter-institutional Commission for the Concern for Severe Meteorological Phenomena (Ciafeme) in Audi confirms that the path model He sends her to the Yucatan Peninsula.

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“Residents are required to start Put your contingency plans in place And prepare to face the possibility of this system arriving.”

It also requires access to the official meteorological bulletins and the warnings and alerts of the civil protection system.

What are the most dangerous areas of “blessing”?

“Currently, with path models defined, the most dangerous areas are North and Central Yucatan Peninsula and all flood areas.

“this is Includes the entire Yucatan coast and the coast of Quintana Roo, but this may change later and more areas may be threatened.”

For its part, the State Coordination Body for Civil Protection (Procivy) confirms this on Twitter regardless of its development ‘Grace’ is expected to bring heavy to heavy rain in Yucatan next Thursday.

Determines that the tropical depression will leave Winds over 60 kilometers per hour (km/h) As it passes through the Yucatan Peninsula.

What is the location of a tropical depression?

At 4 a.m. today, Grace was located 260 km southeast of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and 1923 Southeast of Tizimen, Yucatan.

In contrast, the Civil Protection of Merida determines that at that time the Tropical Depression was 2079 km southeast of the Yucatecan capital.

“Regardless of its development, the probability of rain and strong winds #Merida is expected to increase during August 19, 2021,” he says on Twitter.

The Mayor of Merida, Renan Barrera Concha, also issued the notice:

Procivy recommendations to the population

Procivy makes the following recommendations to residents in light of the proximity of “Grace”:

Take precautions against the possibility of increased waves as well as precipitation and strong winds from Thursday 19.

In the face of the possibility of gusts of wind, Securing loose sheets and curtains and things on the outside.

stay Away from trees and pay special attention to buildings made of flimsy materials, as well as the potential effects on staggering and electrical lines.

Tropical depression path "Beauty" In the coming days, according to the forecasts of the National Hurricane Center in the United States
The path of tropical depression “Grace” in the coming days, according to the forecasts of the National Hurricane Center in the United States.

What to do if there is electrical activity?

Given the possibility of electrical activity, Keep away from doors, windows and metal tubes.

If you are outside your home, I seek refuge Inside a building or in low places.

If you are traveling, stay inside your car. In addition to, Disconnect electronic equipment.

Follow civil protection instructions and, if necessary, go to the nearest temporary shelter.

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