Grand Blue Chapter 86: Spoiler, Raw Scan, & Release Date

Grand Blue Chapter 86

Grand Blue Chapter 86

Welcome to another deep dive into the world of Grand Blue, an extraordinary manga series that has captured the hearts of readers around the globe. A masterpiece of hilarity, excitement, and friendships, this series encapsulates a unique blend of themes, from scuba diving to chaotic college life. As manga enthusiasts eagerly await the release of Chapter 86, let’s delve into the details of this incredible series.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter: 85
  • Release Date: July 8, 2023
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: Sports Manga
  • Where to Read: Kodansha

Popularity of the Show

Since its debut in 2014, Grand Blue has rapidly climbed the ranks to become one of the most beloved manga series. Penned by Kenji Inoue and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka, the series masterfully fuses adventure, comedy, and a delightful dose of insanity.

It revolves around the life of Iori Kitahara, a mechanical engineering freshman at Izu University, who becomes embroiled in a whirlwind of eccentric club activities, particularly in the local diving club known as Peek-a-Boo.

Iori’s escapades, along with the unique cast of characters, have earned Grand Blue both critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. It’s a testament to the universality of friendship, the thrills of youthful exploration, and the hilarity that ensues from life’s unpredictable turns.

Release of Grand Blue Chapter 86

Grand Blue Chapter 86 is creating a wave of anticipation among fans around the world, all eagerly waiting to learn what new adventures and misadventures await their favorite characters. The expected release date for this much-awaited chapter is slated for July 8, 2023. This is surely a date to circle on the calendar for all fans of the series.

 Cast of Grand Blue Chapter 86

Iori Kitahara – The protagonist of Grand Blue, Iori is a mechanical engineering student at Izu University. He’s a generally laid-back and friendly person who often gets dragged into the ridiculous antics of his fellow club members. Although he’s not originally a fan of diving, he grows to appreciate it due to the influence of his friends and the beautiful ocean scenery. Iori’s unpredictable college life forms the crux of the narrative.

Kōhei Imamura – Iori’s classmate and close friend, Kōhei is also a member of the Peek-a-Boo club. He’s passionate about diving and shares a strong bond with Iori, often getting involved in his shenanigans. Kōhei’s obsession with anime and otaku culture adds a unique layer to his character, contributing to the series’ humor.

Chisa Kotegawa – A fellow member of the Peek-a-Boo club, Chisa is Iori’s cousin. She is quiet and serious, in stark contrast to the other, more boisterous, members of the club. Chisa is an experienced and passionate diver who initially disapproves of Iori’s antics but eventually forms a close bond with him.

Nanaka Kotegawa – Chisa’s older sister and a skilled diver, Nanaka works at their uncle’s diving shop, Grand Blue. She has a calm and mature demeanor but also harbors a secret crush on Iori.

Shinji Tokita and Ryūjirō Kotobuki – The two upperclassmen in the diving club, Shinji and Ryūjirō, often act as the comedic duo, providing much of the humor in the series. They’re known for their love of partying and penchant for going overboard with pranks and jokes.

Aina Yoshiwara (Cakey) – A freshman at Izu University, Aina is initially introduced as a prim and proper girl with glasses. However, once she becomes a part of the Peek-a-Boo club, her true, more outgoing personality emerges. Her nickname Cakey comes from the thick layer of makeup (cake) she used to wear.

 Grand Blue Chapter 86 Spoiler 

While it’s hard to predict the exact unfolding of events given the series’ unpredictable nature, one can anticipate more comedy, chaos, and camaraderie in Chapter 86. The storyline might focus on the aftermath of Yuu’s reaction and how Iori, Kouhei, and the rest of the gang deal with it. The chapter could also delve into Iori’s continued pursuit of his college dream life and the obstacles he faces along the way.

Furthermore, the chapter could explore the potential love interests for Iori, bringing a romantic angle amidst the comedic turmoil. The uncertainty and curiosity surrounding the upcoming chapter add to the overall excitement and allure of the series, fueling the anticipation of its ardent followers.

 Grand Blue Chapter 85 Recap 

The intriguing saga of Grand Blue Chapter 85 began with our band of merry characters, Iori, Kouhei, and the rest of the Peek-a-Boo diving club, rummaging through their cluttered club room at Pab. Amidst the chaos and the unending banter, they stumbled upon a peculiar object that triggered a trip down memory lane.

The item in question was an enigmatic device that none of them recognized. This unexpected discovery set the tone for the rest of the chapter, as they attempted to unravel its mysteries. The object provoked a series of flashbacks, allowing readers a hilarious yet insightful peek into the shenanigans of their past.

Chapter 85 Scanlation & Discussion
by u/Mage_of_Shadows in GrandBlue

In these flashbacks, we witnessed the eccentricities of the characters in full swing, with their signature comedy and distinctive quirks creating a mosaic of humorous and engaging scenes. It’s this reflection on their past behaviors that highlighted the bonds they’ve formed, and the experiences they’ve shared that have shaped their present.

Concurrently, a subplot emerged, centering around the sausage faction of the university, led by Shinichirou. Intent on mediating in their friend Yuu’s love life, the group devised a series of ludicrous plans to put a spanner in the works of his budding romance. Yuu, being the only member in a relationship, found himself at the center of their playful meddling, creating a humorous contrast to the main storyline.

The climax of Chapter 85 unfolded with an unexpected twist. Just when Iori and Kouhei thought they’d unravelled the mystery of the enigmatic object, Yuu, who had been an amused observer to their shenanigans, suddenly knocked them unconscious. This shocking turn of events left readers on a cliffhanger, primed for the pandemonium that’s bound to ensue in Chapter 86.

Overall, Grand Blue Chapter 85 was a rollercoaster ride, packed with comedy, camaraderie, and a healthy dose of chaos. This intricate blend of past and present narratives, coupled with the surprise ending, made this chapter a memorable one, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Raw Scan Release for Grand Blue Chapter 86

The raw scans of Grand Blue Chapter 86 are expected to be released on July 5, 2023, providing the international fanbase an early glimpse of the plot developments. However, it’s essential to remember that these raw scans are usually in Japanese and take some time to be translated into English. For the unspoiled, fully translated experience, it’s recommended to wait for the official release.

Ratings of the Show

Grand Blue has consistently garnered high ratings across various manga platforms. This high rating is a testament to its engaging storyline, captivating artwork, and relatable themes. Readers find themselves drawn to the chaotic yet endearing world of Iori and his friends, often seeing their own friendships and college experiences reflected in the hilarious escapades of the characters.

Review of the Show

Grand Blue is a masterclass in comedic storytelling. The series deftly balances moments of side-splitting laughter with deep dives (pun intended!) into the complexities of young adult life. Its charm lies in its character development, the hilarious situations they find themselves in, and the way they navigate their relationships. With a refreshing take on the slice-of-life genre, Grand Blue is a must-read for any manga enthusiast.

Where To Read Grand Blue?

For fans looking to read Grand Blue, it is officially published by Kodansha and available digitally in English as Grand Blue Dreaming by Kodansha Comics. This is a fantastic platform for manga lovers, providing a vast array of genres, and the best part is you can dive right in without any need for subscription fees or registration.


Grand Blue is a testament to the power of laughter, friendship, and the enduring spirit of youth. As we eagerly await the release of Chapter 86, it’s clear that this series is more than just a manga; it’s a celebration of the unpredictability and joy of college life.

Whether you’re a seasoned manga fan or a newcomer to the genre, Grand Blue offers a hilarious and heartwarming journey you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for the upcoming chapter and join Iori in his uproarious college adventures.

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