Guanajuato is going to “transient” investments with the United States and Asia

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Guanajuato’s governor, Diego Sinho Rodriguez Vallejo, has announced that he will conduct business tours in the United States, Europe and Asia to “adjust” investments and create official jobs in the entity.

“Sorry for the word, but you have to go carry the investments because today there is a great appetite to bring them to other places […] If you look at the other rulers, everyone in the world is bringing in these companies, so those who go out and bring in investments are the ones who will succeed in creating official jobs for their countries,” he declared.

He pointed out that this position comes after former President Donald Trump, Starting a trade dispute with China Through the trade balance deficit, limiting the purchase of various products.

“Trump has limited many products that cannot be bought in the United States that are made in China, so today it is very difficult to bring products from the factory in China, so many companies are considering bringing these companies to America and Mexico is an option,” he commented.

The state governor announced that he will travel in August to the United States and Europe With investment promotion tourHe visits countries of the European continent such as Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

“I’m going to share the two tours, the US and Europe because I don’t like going out of the country very much, so we’re going to do one in the US and Europe, because apart from flying to Europe we unfortunately don’t go through AIFA, we have a great connection in Bajío, so we fly to León – United States and from there to Europe,” he commented.

Later in November, the mayors of Leon, Irapuato and Celaya will be taking to Singapore so they can learn about city planning models and secure job-creating investments in their municipalities.

“I want to resume that trip with some trustees, with some mayors, especially because before we take them to France and other places, and today I think Singapore and China is a very important issue to look at because of the economic issue and the planning issue. The city, above all I’m interested in. Knowing how to plan cities, they in Singapore are the best at planning,” he commented.

Later, in March of next year, the governor of Guanajuato said he would take an investment promotional tour to Japan, a tour he said did not materialize due to the pandemic.

“In March we have an event in Hiroshima, obviously we’ll see investments, but it’s also the Hiroshima flower festival and every year we send students to them, Guanajuato pays students to come there and then, we’ve been invited and we’re going to take advantage of everything and it’s going to be in March, because we haven’t We go before because Japan places restrictions on us,” he explained.

Finally, the governor of Guanajuato said the global investment target during his six-year term is $5 billion and so far it’s $3.3 billion, and he expects the target to close by March of next year. Investment year

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