Guatemala will look for more players in the US


Guatemala does not want to rest on its laurels and will continue to enlist in the United States

Guatemala will look for more players in the US
© free pressGuatemala will look for more players in the US

The Guatemalan Football Association and technical bodies of different categories They have reached an agreement to search young talentswhether in the country or abroad, specifically in United State Where you can find soccer players with them Property Chapenas Thus trying to defend the colors National selection.

It was also revealed Find a player It will start next week, where they will notice those who Come to the examsThis is part of a research aimed at give you a follow in their career and thus make them on the list future calls to any category.

Exams will be held on August 4 in Central Park Santa Clarita It will continue on Saturday 6th of the same month Glendale Sports Complex. The invitation is for people over 12 years old This is it Guatemalan by birth or by descent In order to have the possibility of the future, he is part of the blue and white.

These first tests will be supervised by the technical staff of Guatemala national under-20 teamWhich will be headed by the Mexican Rafael Loredo Guatemalan Honduran Rigoberto Gomezwho were at the present time on their backs responsible for transporting the chapels to Indonesia World Cup 2023.

Guatemala He resorted to searching for footballers of Chapina origin, the most famous cases being those of Mexicans Antonio de Jesus Lopez And the American Rubio Mendes Robin, As well as North America Aaron Herrera Which is about to complete the nationalization procedures.

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