Haaland’s goal and the opportunity missed by Julian Alvarez in Manchester City’s victory over Bayern Munich.

* Erling Haaland goal

It was only 12 minutes that I needed Erling Haaland To score his first goal with Manchester. Was in a 1-0 win against Bayern Munich In the friendly held in United State This Saturday marked by severe storms that hit Wisconsin.

The Norwegian striker was at the center of the English team’s attack led by Pep Guardiolawho chose Riyadh Mahrez s Jack Grealish From the ends in enforced absence Phil Foden, who had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, were unable to travel to the North American country. Moreover, the Argentine Julian Alvarez He was relegated to the bench after playing a basic game against Mexican America a few days ago and entered the supplementary group.

The goal that opened the scoring came after 12 minutes when Kevin De Bruyne pass leaked bottom left to GrealishWho penetrated deep and threw the cross for the appearance of the former Borussia Dortmund. The Scandinavian striker joined City from the German team, where he scored 86 goals in 89 matches.

* The moment the heroes went to seek refuge

After the shout, the referee informed everyone present that it was time to seek shelter from bad weather. Storms with very strong winds were expected: “A line of severe storms is expected to move from east to southeast through the area later this afternoon and tonight, with potentially damaging winds of 70 to 80 mph.. In addition, hurricanes, large hail and local torrential rain are possiblesaid a statement issued by the United States Meteorological Service.

After about 45 minutes, the match resumed and thousands of spectators returned to their seats to continue enjoying European football. Because of this delay, it was decided to split the meeting into two halves of 40 minutes each because both campuses had scheduled flights back to Europe tonight.

Guardiola Sent to the field Julian Alvarez instead of Haaland To play the second half. The Argentine occupied the center of the attack and did a clear job by escaping to the left and setting a cross when entering the area. It was a good escape from the previous River Plate to show that with his speed he could do a lot of damage.

The South American striker was very active in attack, although he was not sought after by his teammates and always cooperated in pressing, something that the Spanish coach usually asks of his coaches. In his other two dangerous tackles, he also ran diagonally behind the center defenders, but when he wanted to locate his shot from the air, it was too high. In the other he chose to end the match when he had no choice in passing through the area door and the ball hit the mark in front of him.

* Explain what Yolan Alvarez said

This was the last friendly match played by both clubs before returning to Europe. for the first time from Manchester In the new season will be on July 30 against Liverpool by community shieldwhile your way on Premier League It will start on August 9th when he visits West Ham United team. For his part, the Bayern Munich You will do the same to him RB Leipzig On July 30th about German Super Cup.

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