Haiti tells Mexican moles to stop searching for earthquake survivors


Lee Kayes, Haiti. The Mexican rescue brigade Los Tobos announced, on Monday, that it is abandoning the search for survivors. Earthquake Haiti at the request of the Haitian authorities.

The leader of the group of rescuers displaced to Haiti, Luis Alba, told EFE that the Civil Protection informed them Sunday night of its decision to end the search with rescue teams in Les Cayes, the city worst affected by the earthquake.

“We are already going to release the team to Port-au-Prince to go home,” the Mexican rescuer said. “Personally, I feel sad but we have to respect the decisions of the authorities.”

The moles, which have been involved in rescue operations in many countries after natural disasters and collapsed buildings, have been working in Haiti for four days to search for potential survivors trapped under the rubble.

Neither the Civil Protection nor the Haitian government responded to Yves’ questions about the reasons for the Mexican brigade’s departure.

A source from the Haitian Relief Agency confirmed that the search for possible survivors of the earthquake did not stop, as 2,207 people were killed, 12,268 were injured, and 344 others were missing.

On Sunday night, Civil Protection announced via Twitter that 24 people alive who had been trapped on the summit of Macaya, a mountain northwest of Les Caye, had been rescued since the day of the earthquake.

The rescued people, 20 adults and 4 minors, were flown by helicopter to the town of Camp Berrin, where they received medical care, food and hygiene items.


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