Hazaa Ruiz, new head of prevention and social rehabilitation

Hazaa Ruiz, new head of prevention and social rehabilitation

Hazza Ruiz Ortega He was appointed head of the decentralized administrative body for prevention and social rehabilitation (OADPRS), which is attached with an extension Security and Protection Secretary Citizen (SSPC).

He replaces Ruiz Ortega Jose Angel Avila Perezwho will be responsible for another task in running the federal government.

He informed of the appointment made by President Andres Manuel López Obrador through a statement; The Minister of the Interior, Adan Augusto Lopez, was sworn in as the new OADPRS Commissioner.

Who is Hazaa Ruiz?

Hazza Ruiz Ortega He began his career as a prison technician in Mexico City in January 1996, as a criminologist.

He holds a law degree from La Salle University. MA in Educational Planning and Management, in Crime Prevention and Prison Systems and PhD Student in Law

In addition, he has a specialization in prison systems and juvenile offenders and various studies in prison law from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in criminology from the University of Salamanca, Spain.

Among his positions in the public administration, the new commissioner served as Head of the Police, Prisons and Private Security Policy Unit at the SSPC.

she was Prison System Agent In Mexico City, from November 2013 to November 2021. Encourage the establishment of the first clinics for Detoxification in prisons.

Just as he established, for the first time, Confidence control tests and toxicology checks For all employees of the prison system in Mexico City.

Directed efforts to standardize and build the Prison Information System (SIIP) and integrate it into the Mexico platform.

In July 2019, he was awarded the “Dr. Sergio García Ramírez” Award conferred by the Decentralized Administrative Authority for Prevention and Social Reintegration for his distinguished career in Prison Service.

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