HBO Max: Best Thriller Film critics delighted because of its darkness; It managed to raise 58 million dollars | trailer

The middle of this seventh month of the year is approaching and with it the opportunity to have more time to investigate the broadcast catalogs in search of a production that catches your eye from start to finish, and if you are a viewer of intense stories that will raise your heart rate, especially with suspense, the movie we recommend can Below is to live up to your expectations due to its frightening and frightening production.

Titled The Gift, this psychological suspense film was written, directed and produced by Joel Edgerton, and this production was part of his directorial debut.

What is the subject of the “gift”?

“The Gift” is an Australian-American history that tells the story of a couple Simon and Robin Callim who decide to move from Chicago to a suburb of Los Angeles after receiving a great job offer.

They were so calm and full of routine, this changes after they do their daily shopping with Gordon, Simon’s high school classmate, who starts sending him weird gifts, which start to make Simon uncomfortable.

Then Gordon invited them to dinner in his large and elegant house; The whole situation becomes complicated when he gets a phone call and leaves them alone for a while, and when he comes back he tells her he has to go with his family.

thrill bar

Featured by Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall, this production of the film was officially released in the United States in 2015, and is now available in the Netflix catalog.

Below we show you the trailer for the aforementioned 108-minute movie with touches of mystery and drama, which managed to raise $58 million after its premiere:

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