He “doubled” his challenge to Putin and changed his Twitter name

He “doubled” his challenge to Putin and changed his Twitter name

Elon Musk No response was received from Russian President Vladimir PutinPresident RussiaAfter being challenged to fight a dispute over control Ukraine; However, it was the person who answered his call Ramzan Kadyrovthe Russian president’s ally and chief Chechen Republic.

Kadyrov sent a message to Musk via Telegram in which he emphasized that he had no chance of defeating Putin, and even offered him to train in one of his various Chechen training centers so that he could confront him, in addition to calling him. Ilona By the apparent “smoothness” of the entrepreneur.

Elon Musk, word of caution: Don’t measure your strength against Putin. You’re in two completely different leagues. And we’re not just talking about martial arts or judo, for example. There you are in the red corner, businessman and Twitter user; and Putin, in blue Vladimir Vladimirovich (as Putin is known in Russia) will look unsportsmanlike when he hits you, a much weaker opponent,” replied Kadyrov.

“Therefore, you will need to inflate those muscles to turn from the soft Elona to the brutal Elon you need. I suggest that you train in one of the different centers in the Chechen Republic,” he continued.

Musk responded to the Chechen offer by changing his Twitter name to Elona and doubling his power by offering to fight with one hand tied and only his left hand.

Musk challenged Putin again

Musk replied: “Thanks for the offer, but such excellent training will give me a lot of advantages. If you are afraid to fight, I agree to use only my left hand and not left-handed. Ilona.”

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