He orders Pietro to bring Bolivar’s sword to him, after the last disdain from Ivan Duque

Gustavo Pietro ordered Simon Bolivar’s sword to be brought to Bolivar’s Square in Bogotá on his first order after taking office as President of Colombia. The sword has special symbolism due to Petro’s previous fight in M-19.

The sword of the independence leader of Latin America was not in his place by express order of the outgoing president, Ivan Duque, who did not allow his transfer.

as president of the republic Casa Militar ordered to bring Bolivar’s sword to Bolivar Square‘, were the new president’s first words, before he was sworn in by the new Vice President, Francia Marquez.

The controversy began early this Sunday, when Petro’s press office reported that Duque had decided not to allow the sword to be transported despite the fact that the organizers of the act of possession had administered the corresponding permits in front of the Ministry of Culture, the National Museum and the National Museum. Quinta de Bolivar.

The sword is a historical piece that has great symbolic value to President Gustavo Petro since then He was the one robbed by the M-19 fighters, to which Petro himself belonged, as the first act of rebellion. When the group reached a peace agreement with the government of Virgilio Barco, the sword was returned and taken to Quinta de Bolivar.

President Duque showed it to Petro when they met after his victory in the presidential election and at that moment Petro told Duque his intention to use the sword as a symbolic item during the acquisitions.

Petro communication team also said Banning the transfer of the Peace Statue of Fernando BoteroWho had asked him to chair the parade and military honors.

Petro took the oath before Congress President Rui Barreras, and it was Senator Maria Jose Pizarro, daughter of the slain M-19 leader, Carlos Pizarro, who imposed the presidential sash on him.

The oath was taken to chants of “Yes, we can” from thousands of supporters who filled Bolivar Square in Bogotá.

Information: Europe Press. Pictures: Reuters.

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